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Hyperide VR

Status Updates

2017-06-05: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Hyperide VR'
2017-06-13: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-10-26: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

is a virtual reality avoid-and-capture racing game, based on a successful mobile title. You steer a super-maneuverable spaceship, capable of swift horizontal and vertical movement. During the flight through the wild space, you have to successfully divide your attention between flying in-sync with an energy signature line powering your ship and capturing various pick-ups scattered between the dangerous obstacles, both static and moving in patterns. Thanks to 3D rapidly-changing environment, ultra-intuitive movement system based on headset and scaling level of challenge, this ride will be the one to remember.

Key features:
  • Astonishing design dedicated to VR immersive experience
  • Arcade meteor-evading action in virtual space
  • Intuitive controls without motion sickness
  • Highly polished visuals and sound to make the outer space even more awesome

Are you ready to answer a distress call?

The cargo vessel carrying the priceless crystals needed to power up advanced technologies was attacked by a pirate fleet on its way back from the colonies. Ambushed and outnumbered, the crew of the ship decided to make an escape to the wild region of space. They had used all of their means of defense, but this will be not enough to ensure their survival. Trapped among the uncharted asteroid fields, wormholes and dangerous space phenomena… Rendered defenseless by continuous pirate raids… The cargo vessel is sure to go down with all of the precious goods it carries.

But there is a response for desperate calls for help.

A new, experimental rescue ship is ready to enter the wild space and rush with aid. It is the most maneuverable vehicle mankind has seen. It is fitted with top-notch energy absorption system, which allows it to draw power from wild space natural resources. It needs only one thing to succeed: the best pilot around?

Do you have what it takes? Are you up for a challenge?

HYPERIDE VR will consist of 4 levels with different objectives, pick-ups and obstacles, designed to up the level of challenge progressively:

Level 1 – Navigate the Asteroid Field!

A tutorial level, aimed at presenting basic controls and rules of the gameplay, like following the energy line for power, with asteroids to avoid, rockets to pick-up and eliminate the obstacles.

Level 2 – Cargo Bay Breach!

Cargo vessel’s hull is severely breached and it lost many of the crystals. The rescue ship must retrieve the valuables, but the mission will be difficult. You have to mind not only the asteroids, but also hull scraps and other pieces of space trash left by the damaged spaceship.

Level 3 – Save the Crew!

The cargo vessel is nearly finished by the pirate raids. Some of the astronauts from the crew got overboard and are free-floating in space. You have to save them before their life support goes off, but beware – automated defense drones set up by escaping cargo ship will respond to any potential danger, including you. They patterned movement will make the rescue effort nearly impossible to succeed.

Level 4 – Pirate Frigate Showdown!

To save the cargo vessel, you have to engage the most vicious of the pirate raiders units. The gigantic frigate will attack you with all the obstacles you encountered, but powered-up and even more dangerous. Accumulate the rockets to fire back at your enemy – this fight will end only if you’ll manage to bring its shields to zero.

Help us with charting the wild space!
Feedback from our pilots is the base of successful mission!

The sample mission you are receiving is designed to show the basics of the gameplay. Not all the ideas we would like to expand in the final version of HYPERIDE VR are present. But your opinions are vital for us. We want to design a game with an unique appeal – simple and clear in its core, but challenging and interesting for all kinds of gamers. Should pick-ups add additional advantage? Should obstacles behave in certain ways? Should you have access to different ships with different stats? Those are only the few of the questions that you can help us to answer. We can answer the call together and make our space journey as exciting as it can be!