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Blood Ancestors - A competitive medieval fantasy game

Status Updates

2017-06-01: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Blood Ancestors - A competitive medieval fantasy game'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-09-20: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

When Medieval fantasy meets competitive gaming

Blood Ancestors is a competitive first person multiplayer game that wants to fill the gap in medieval fantasy games with a fast paced and modern gameplay that new games are bringing.

Fight in an epic battle with four companions for the control of the relic to carry it to the portal and return to your world. You must use your skill and team play to defeat both the enemy team and the Blood Ancestors, the Relic Protectors.

A long time has passed since they were home, many centuries have slipped by since the Blood crossed the portal for the last time; a world lost to the sands of time. But a worldly war between Light & Dark forces has unleashed planetary energies with an unfathomable power which has the world spiralling toward total obliteration.

This ill-fated world has only one glimmer of hope of salvation; retrieve the ancestral Blood Relic and feed it with the spilt blood of the world, making it flourish again.

But it won’t be easy, both the disciples of Light and the Darkness dwellers crave the power of the Relic. It's a war to end all wars. Beware of the Blood Ancestors... they guard what it is you seek.

  • FPV Competitive Online
  • Developed in UE4
  • Platform PC (Steam), later development for new generation consoles
  • Fantasy medieval theme
  • Modern and dynamic gameplay that empowers and depends on team play
  • 3 factions, 6 archetypes of characters that offer 18 classes initially
  • Skills class configuration
  • Customization of colours and skins for each of the classes

In Blood Relic, the game are marked by rounds, having as main objective to write down 3 rounds. To obtain the victory in the rounds, it consists of two well-differentiated parts:

- 1st phase: both teams must take control of the relic. To unlock it, it will be necessary to make blood sacrifices by eliminating the players of the opposing team. If the blood gauge reaches 100% for one of the two teams, the relic will be unlocked and a player will be able to capture it, becoming the Bearer of the Relic.

When the Relic is unlocked the Blood Ancestors will appear, who will do everything possible to prevent either team from taking control of its precious relic.

Both teams have a time limit of 6 minutes to unlock and capture the Relic. The grunts will be increasing their level as the time goes. In the last minute, the Boss of Blood Ancestors will appear to join the fight, putting in serious trouble both teams to obtain the relic.

If neither team can capture the relic within the set time, a round point for each will be added.

- 2nd phase: the Bearer will adopt a new form. Their skills will be different and their overall life will be much greater. By contrast, his speed will decrease and the relic will begin to consume life points.

His teammates will be able to help him by eliminating players from the opposing team and restoring his life to such executions.

To obtain the victory, the Bearer must be able to cross the portal located at the end of the temple.

The opposing team must do everything possible so that the bearer does not arrive at the set time to his target and thus win the round. The time of this phase will be 6 minutes.

To obtain the victory it is necessary that a team has captured at least once the relic.

If it has been tied for 3 consecutive rounds, the game will end in a draw.

In Blood Ancestors, each class consists of:

  • Primary Attack (Left Mouse Button)
  • Secondary Attack (Right Mouse Button)
  • Skills x 3 (Keys Q, E and F)
  • Ultimate (Ctrl key)
  • Reload (R key) * Only for weapons with reload config