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Status Updates

2017-05-29: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Kynseed'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-02-22: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Made by a couple of ex-Lionhead Fable devs, Kynseed is a quirky 2D sandbox RPG now available on Kickstarter. It's an adventure of a lifetime - literally.

From two developers who helped create the Fable series comes Kynseed, a whimsical 2D sandbox RPG now on Kickstarter! Spend your days adventuring, farming the land while raising your family, or even running your own tavern, apothecary, blacksmiths or goods store.

Every person and domestic animal you meet remembers what you do, or fail to do.

You can step off The Path into the darker areas of Quill and encounter faery tale monsters and enticing mysteries.

The seasons will pass and living things will grow old and die. Faces from the past are replaced by the fresh young faces of new life.

And when you die of old age yourself, you will pass your family tree's Kynseed on to your children so that they may continue your bloodline and shape their own legacy.

Choose male or female and get to know the inhabitants of the land and be involved in friendships, romance, marriage and putting your family to work on the cheap.

Kynseed is a 2D sandbox adventure from veterans of Lionhead Studios’ Fable series. Drawing from years of experience crafting the iconic Fable titles, we aim to deliver an all-new quirky RPG filled to the brim with mystery, exploration, awful puns, and sandbox possibilities.

While invoking the spirit of past Fable games, Kynseed is infused with our own ideas and a mix of British folklore, ancient legend, and rustic traditions. We hope to capture these inspirations in an atmospheric world with whimsy, humour, and eccentricity, and not a single orc or high elf in sight.

You have grown up in your parent's idyllic farm in The Vale, a peaceful valley in the faery tale land of Quill. In time, you meet the mysterious Mr Fairweather, who offers you a mystical acorn called the Kynseed. Once planted, it will grow a magical family tree that will let you realise your potential.

But such a gift does not come without a price.

Will your name be carved on the walls of history or scrawled on the walls of the pub outhouse?

The land is affected by your choices and deeds. Seasons come and go and affect the world both visually and in gameplay.

Individuals and animals grow old and eventually die. Families remember your good deeds or wrongdoings for generations.

Pay the mysterious Mr Fairweather for powerful upgrades and revivals, at the cost of years from your life! Will you miss out on your child's development to buy that music box that makes dragons dance? Will your business suffer because you bought a pet cat that turns people to stone?

Wander from The Path and indulge in meaty combat against various nasty faery tale creatures that guard the materials and loot you need to become the greatest in the land.

Build friendship into romance and produce heirs to continue your legacy. Do favours for others and not only gain friendship but also juicy information and gifts.

A calendar keeps you up to date of festivals and events. Learn where and when the best ingredients grow. Attend various competitions, annual fayres, and don’t you dare be late for a date!

They're more than just sword fodder. Each creature has a sim and their own traits that you can take advantage of. Remember, even dragons need to go to the bathroom now and then. (That wasn’t a pile of gold that Smaug sat on!)

Own a tavern and craft beers with bizarre effects. Be a blacksmith and forge weapons and tools to order. Manage your apothecary and mix cures for a variety of bizarre poxes and curses.

Heed the advice of the Old Fishwife and the locals to find out everything from where the rarest items can be found to where and when the best places to conceive are! We're not just a little stitious. We're super stitious.

Every village has their own customs and quirks. Visit the annual cheese bowling rite and encounter Wiki Men, Fred Barleycorn and wear the Trousers of Fertility, as passed down through generations. (I really hope they wash them...)

Hunger dictates combat prowess so a proper breakfast before some monster slaying goes a long way. Discover and use proper recipes though, and you can take your fighting to the next level, or even use the Traits in food to distract, weaken or even scare away enemies!

All items and materials, have unique traits. From medicinal to hallucinogenic, shrinking to fattening...Want to feed laxatives to herds of sheep and lead them through town? The creative possibilities for fun are endless.

Domestic animals and critters have opinions of you based on your actions. If they like you enough they may just let you ride them!

No mythical world is be complete without music to go with it. The title music has been made by Russell Shaw but also helping us out with beautiful world music is Matthijs den Daas.

We are a team of three little pigs building a brick house to keep the wolf from the door. Two of those pigs are ex-Lionhead Studios developers and the other ran the Fable community for many years. With over 30 Years of experience developing the Fable series and its community (amongst others), we hope to infuse our games with the same charm, eccentricity and humour that permeated Lionhead's games.

Co-Founder and Technical Director

Co-Founder and Design Director

Production Manager
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  • Russell Shaw for the title screen music. Legend!
  • Matthew Weekes for our utterly lovely pixel art (with animation assistance from Georgio Ser).
  • Matthijs den Daas for the amazing music.
  • Deborah Saez for our current UI. Cool stuff!
  • Ian Faichnie for the superb Kynseed and PixelCount logos.
  • Mighty Mike McCarthy for all the stunning concept art!
  • And extra thanks to David Oxford and Lozz Logan for other fantastic art contributions.