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Odd Island

Status Updates

2017-05-26: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Odd Island'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-05-29: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Welcome to Odd Island! Odd Island is a peace loving tribe Chibi’s survival theme park! Throughout its history, the tribe of Chibi had had only one small war and has lived in peace thereafter.

The theme park, which is created based on a theme of legendary historical war, offers a realistic combat experience with actual weapons and a chance to take on a survival challenge under fully secured and safe environment.


1.Odd Island! - It’s the most dangerous and thrilling theme park! There is lot of enemies, and lot of weapons, and mostly, lot of secret.(Still working on it!) Oh! there is also have lot of fun! Hope you enjoy this weird place!

2.Confused fight! - Enemies will constantly come to you from everywhere, and every time. Regardless of your will, combats will begin from every side of you at any time. If you do not deal with your enemies right away, their number will increase, and eventually, the battle will be extremely confused.

3.Roguelite! - This game is also one of many games that follow the various configurations of Roguelike. For example, if you die, you have to start again from the very beginning.

However in order to accommodate users who are not familiar with this kind of game, the game is designed to get easier after successive trials.

4.Numerous enemies and Random In Counts! - Every time you start a game, you will meet a different enemies and experience a combat! The enemies won’t be hiding in the corner. Instead, they will hunt you down.

5.Simple and Peaceful Story! - It looks like a game with a brutal survival story that shoots every living thing, but this game has a very peaceful and youthful background story.

6.Chibi! - Chibi! i mean, Yes! There are many cute Chibi characters in this game!