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Garrison: Archangel

Status Updates

2017-05-29: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Garrison: Archangel'
2017-06-12: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-02-04: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Download the Alpha version of the game here:

Garrison: Archangel is a fast-paced, customizable, mecha fighting game designed for one-on-one and multiplayer team battles.

  • Design a custom Archangel down to the colors of each part.
  • Battle friends and foes in various maps and arenas.
  • Enjoy a host of different game modes.
  • Couch gaming of up to four players.
  • Take the fight online with upcoming online support.

Create the mech of your dreams choosing from a range of carefully designed components and weapons.

Archangels can wield a huge arsenal of weapons each having unique mechanics and gameplay.

Each handcrafted weapon allows players to play the way they want whether it’s beating down opponents with the Dominus Sword or blasting them with rockets. Or both.

Battle through arenas that vary from stadiums to trap filled death pits!

You and your friends can pilot Archangels from the comfort of your sofa with 4-player local!

An online version is already in development!

Garrison: Archangel was born from a card game with the same name designed by James Ronald Lo. The card game, which features PVP combat between customizable mecha, is currently in production and is scheduled to launch along with this video game.

Garrison: Archangel is inspired by Japanese mecha anime. On the other hand, the game's combat takes cues from recent genre-defining 3D action titles. Lastly, the art style pays homage to the classic mecha fighting games of our childhoods

The developers plan for this to be an expansive project with continuous updates. These updates will include new mecha parts, armaments, attachments, maps and game modes.

It will also have a heavily community-driven development cycle so that the players get what they want in terms of content. The development team is opening up multiple avenues for contact and will continue to stay active on social media and the Discord channel. So please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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