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Status Updates

2017-05-26: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Distortions'
2017-06-12: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-02-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
After eight years of work, finally it is time for us to present you the world of Distortions.
A story about overcoming the past and how far it's worth going to preserve a memory.
The only things the payer can rely on are an old violin and the road.

About the Game
A girl wakes up in a strange place where time seems to stand still. While she recovers her identity by reminiscing with the help of a strange masked man, she must decide what to leave behind to move on with her life and expectations.
The Girl then decides to explore this surreal and unknown place, soon finding a journal with a few annotations. These writings lead to a violin. With her music, the Girl gets to shape the world, creating extraordinary effects and changes. With each new song, a new tool arises.
The Girl must face the mysterious creatures that inhabit this strange world while solving the journal’s riddles. Who wrote this? Where is he?
With the journal to show her the way, and the violin to open her path, the Girl leaves in a journey to her past, finding the memories that open the door to her future – discovering the enigma of existing in that place. How far can she go to remember?

About The World
This unknown and puzzling place where the Girl’s past seem to have a physical presence is an imaginary place where everything you see is made from echoes of distorted memories.
The Distortions World is a place of unparalleled beauty, where you can explore mountains, caves and rivers. A place where old friends still wonder, and where time seems to have stopped in face of an imminent collapse.

Gameplay – Shaping the World with Music
An adventure where the songs are your weapons, and the tales of a journal, your guide.
Control the Girl through the most diverse locations, as mountains, forests, caves, rivers, lakes and even the sea, using the power of her music to shape the world around you. Create bridges, explosions and barriers. Become invisible, move stones around, learn to hear the sounds of the world and talk to it through your violin.

The Masked Creatures
In the world of Distortions there are strange creatures. Some of them may follow, it depends on the player’s decision to shape the environment in real time so the Girl can fight or escape.
As you meet some of those creatures, you must read the environment and use the abilities learned in the best way to breakout or dominate your enemies.
The spaces where you meet the creatures are made in a way to present new and unexpected behaviors each time.
This makes the player face these challenges differently, using new strategies and combining the song’s powers to create the perfect way out.
With the violin, the Girl learns five different abilities that the player should master to beat the Masked Creatures that live in the Distortions world. To execute those abilities we used mechanics inspired in Ocarina of Time and other instrument-based games.

Many sequences and breathtaking moments require the player’s skills. Find safe places to rest and search for the weird white apples to raise your health. Sail and explore on earth, with the help of maps, ocean currents information and geographic points, experiencing memorable action and suspense moments.

Feel the Music
Other than building abilities with your violin you can play it freely.
In this mode the world hears what you play. Some places are more sensitive to your music, and if you play the right notes, you get to shape the world. You can also play with an inhabitant of this world, The Masked One, and see his reaction, achieving intense and dramatic moments.

Coexisting Worlds
There is a strange world that coexists with Distortions World called the White World.
Through the game, sometimes it’s the player’s decision to walk between these two worlds in order to escape the masked creatures or even to get to a spot they wouldn’t reach from walking the usual path.

Rhythm and Modular Gameplay
Concerned in maintaining a good gaming rhythm, we built several nuances into the gameplay in order to transmit the feelings and the story successfully. There are moments in first person, some in side scrolling style, open world chapters and linear ones, contemplative moments and some quite intense and skill requiring.

Game Progression
In Distortions, the progression is divided into three parts. In the first, the game will work in a linear way in order for the player to assimilate the controls and basic aspects of the game, this way we don’t need a tutorial: you learn as you play.
In the second part, the player will find an open world with an aerial view to explore. It is their decision: which places to go first. There are also a few dungeons to complete in this phase.
In the third part of Distortions, the player will face a mix of open world and linear aspects. It’s also where you can find the most part of the secondary missions and optional contents, adding several hours of exploration to the game.

Art Direction
There was a constant chase of congruence and balance between the languages used on cinema and this videogame. The visual and narrative elements of the game were inspired in movies as “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind” and “The Fountain”, and games as “Shadow of Colossus” and “Silent Hill 2”.

Sound Effects
For the soundtrack of the game, we licensed songs from three different bands – a Brazilian one and two from the United States. We also composed a few exclusive tracks for the game.
The ambient sound is composed by noise combined with instruments as bells, violins and guitars.