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The one and only chosen one

Status Updates

2017-05-20: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Der einzig wahre Auserwählte'
2017-05-26: title changed from 'Der einzig wahre Auserwählte' to 'The one and only chosen one'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-07-08: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
The one and only chosen one – A fantasy parody

If you hate standard fantasy storys then you might love this one for it makes fun of all established fantasy cliches. This is more than just another RPG Maker game – it is a well written story, full of black humor with lots of different puzzles and quests that you have never seen in another Maker game before!


His name is Prollbo Ingosäckel and in him is more than a gravedigger, of which he is convinced – he is the chosen one! At least, the ominous magician Rangolf der Magentafarben, who one day appears in Spitzrübendorf and recites a prophecy from the Serenadeion, seems surprisingly well suited to Prollbo.

Just at this moment a crate of radishes flies by, as it was prophesied. For Prollbo the proof is enough. Determined to leave behind his ignominious past, he follows the magician into the world. But who wrote the Serenadeion at all - and why is the first page missing?

On their journey, they encounter a variety of puzzles in which Prollbo has to prove his brains and dexterity when it comes to moving a indignant client into the grave, winning the hat trick with the smart thieves, or the ride on a blind dragon Through the crystal grotto. Often, skillful combinations are in demand and Prollbo must listen to the locals or sniff their belongings to get to their destination. On the way, he must also prove his abilities with the sword, in the case of opponents such as the Truthand, the Brotgolem, the Krämon, a Zeitkorpion and many others.

On his journey, Prollbo has to learn to become the one he wants to be and to jump over his deceptive shadow before he can face the terrible end-boss - and save Spitzrübendorf as a result.

The game has everything the fantasy heart desires:

• a hero from the underclass, who must save the world
• a magician as a mentor (Gray was yesterday!)
• a very emancipated virgin to be conquered
• an beautiful eleven man whom no one can suffer except the emancipated virgin
• a quotas Dwarf
• a devoted orc

All this is packed in a lot of puzzles, battles, epic action and magic. A game for about fifteen to twenty entertaining hours of playtime.


• elaborate and new puzzles from own house
• your decisions influence the gameplay - 4 different ends!
• you decide if you are fighting - no random battles, but chasing opponents on the map
• new, varied combat system
• many sub-missions that can be met but do not have to
• many walk-in paths that invite you to explore and discover
• varied mapping in different climate zones
• playing time:15 - 20 hours
• and much more…

Trailer music
Title: Tavern
Composer: Vasco