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Dead by Death

Status Updates

2017-05-13: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Dead by Death'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-07-06: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
'Dead by Death' is a Metroidvania style action platformer. The hero will explore dungeons where are full of traps and find out hidden secrets. To defeat demons till you die or live for glory.
- 32 well-designed adventure dungeons
- 4 challenging bosses
- 9 kinds of interesting weapons
- Various enemies and traps
- Discover secrets and collect treasures for skill upgrades


"Dead by Death"是一款复古风格的横版动作闯关游戏。玩家扮演英雄角色深入机关重重,蜿蜒曲折的地下城冒险,与狡诈的敌人战斗,探寻未知,抵抗黑暗,赢得荣耀。

- 32个精心设计的可探索地牢
- 4个挑战性Boss
- 9种各具特色的武器
- 多种狡诈凶险的敌人
- 意想不到的机关陷阱
- 等待发现的各式隐藏元素

We are doing the migration jobs. Game Level Editor is considered also be released (or it will be an update), players can make, modify and release their own game levels. The keys and buttons on UI are for DEBUG (Even though the iOS version is also be turned off when game controller online.), and it will be an optional in release version with default OFF. lol...


"Dead by Death is probably the best Castlevania-style action platformer that I've played in quite some time." - by TouchArcade

"Any fan of metroidvania games will feel right at home. Lacks the polish of big budget studio games. But ALL THE RIGHT stuff is in this game for it to be a fun action platformer. I hope they make another, deeper version with more polish."

"I'm obsessed with platformers, especially action platformers, and especially gunning action platformers. This is a GREAT game. It seems good platformers are very rare, despite many candidates. If you love Kero Blaster and the like, you'll enjoy this. The graphics and art are wonderful, the stages very well designed, and controls are tight. "

"Really impressed by this: it's 24Mb of old-school platform exploration and shooting, with fine pixel art, hidden secrets, weapon upgrades, solid virtual controls and good physics. It wears its Castlevania inspirations on its sleeve, yes, but in absolutely the best possible way."

“Ett av de bästa plattformsspelen någonsin på iOS. Kontrollen sitter som gjuten och bandesignen är både klurig, rolig och inte så lite utmanande. Är väldigt imponerad av det här spelet och vad det levererar. ”