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Rescue the Great Demon: Rebirth 拯救大魔王:重生

Status Updates

2017-04-30: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Rescue the Great Demon: Rebirth 拯救大魔王:重生'
2017-05-23: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-02-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
You have to know that in this world, there's no right or wrong, but only Humans and Demons.
Humans are born equal, while Demons are born inferior.
Humans are born free, while Demons are born enslaved.
Humans are born virtuous, while Demons are born vicious.
Humans are born righteous, as they are priviledged to discriminate Demons.
B.Z. 1320 June, I joined the Clown.
I decided to climb back from abyss, where you sent me with your own hands.
I am determined to reclaim everything I once possess, including yours.
This is the reason of my rebirth.
This is the reason, of the Great Demon's rebirth.

Well… that part above was quite confusing wasn’t it? I suppose a I owe you a “real” introduction to this game after all.

Have you ever had that itch to create a game of your own, to tell your own saga? That is basically the tale of us: a bunch of college slackers that collaborated an indie RPG through the internet, just for a JRPG game that we could all enjoy. After our first game “Rescue the Great Demon 2” was finished, we were not satisfied. It was reasonably successful, yet we knew we could do better.

We decided to collaborate again: “We would definitely do better this time.”

Hence this game, “Rescue the Great Demon: Reborn”, our re-attempt to build a game focusing on everything you like about JRPGs: the immersive gameplay, the carefully-woven plot, and detailed prose delineating the characters, set in an age where the long-running tension between the ancient races of demons and humans finally erupt, where one side had nothing to lose but all the history of being suppressed, and the other side would contrive every possible scheme to maintain the current status quo.

What to expect:
1. 8 Playable Characters, 20 Different Combinations of Starting Party Choices
2. Expansive Main Plot (over 150,000 words) Paired with Detailed Side Quests (over 50,000 words)
3. 128 Different Enemy Encounters, 173 Types of Utility Items, 211 Different Weapons, 286 Learnable Skills, etc.
4. Playing as demons battling against humans. (Yeah, damn these rotten humans.)

1. Immersive JRPG Gameplay
2. An Epic World Brimmed with Details
3. Unique Art Style: Simple yet Refined Graphics
4. Awesome Original Soundtrack

If you like our game, feel free to spread the word, share this on social media.
And the most important of all, do not forget to give us a vote!

[Translated by LBQ and RaidenInfinity]


你有没有过那种“创造一个自己的游戏,讲述自己脑海中的史诗”的想法呢?这也大概是我们的故事了:一群不务正业的大学生通过互联网合作了一款独立 RPG游戏,只为了讲述一个深藏在心的冒险故事。16年我们制作了团队的第一款游戏,《拯救大魔王2》。但这部作品并不能让我们满意——它或许小有名气,但是我们知道它做的太糟糕。

[1] 8位可以操控的主要角色,20种不同的角色搭配开局。
[2] 超过15万字的主线剧情文本与超过5万字的支线剧情文本。
[3] 128种不同的敌方组合,173种实用道具,211种武器装备,286种角色技能……
[4] 魅魔族的小姐姐和魔法师族的小萝莉…(这行记得删掉)
[5] 控制魔族进攻人类!我早就想这么干了!

[1] 充满代入感的线性角色扮演故事
[2] 宏大的世界观与丰富的世界观细节
[3] 独特的美术风格,简朴但充满意境的游戏画面
[4] 贼鸡儿棒的原声音乐!