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Free the Animation VR / AR

Status Updates

2017-04-24: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Free the Animation VR / AR'
2017-05-18: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Removed'
Play to reveal images and 3D models.
Play to kill monsters and free rooms and spaces.
Virtual reality mode.
Augmented reality mode.
Carousel with images.
Use provided and custom 360-degree panoramic images.
Use provided and custom 3D models.
Use custom 360-degree videos.
Use camera input.
Prepare background images, filter images and add 3D objects to images.
For a demo:

Additional notes after the first feedbacks:
- You need Windows 10 Creators Update to test the game in VR mode (Microsoft Edge with WebVR support), or you can use the polyfill mode.
- The images and the video have been taken before entering in VR mode and have been taken in polyfill mode.
- The purpose is to indicate the different possibilities. You are not obliged to use them simultaneously.
- You must customize a maximum of things with the keyboard and the buttons before entering in VR mode.
- The music in the video is not a part of the game.
- In VR mode, you will not see the buttons. The field of vision is more reduced.
- The screen refresh rate is respected. The FPS is not ridiculous, even if the animation seems smooth and slow.
- The augmented reality mode can be very useful. Just, skip the game mode. One can easily position and control tens and even hundreds of objects in the space.
- You can remove the 3D models or use a custom 3D model.