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Your Royal Gayness

Status Updates

2017-03-29: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Your Royal Gayness'
2017-05-23: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-01-24: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Play as a gay prince Amir who needs to survive royal life and come up with excuses to avoid marrying a princess - the ultimate fairytale parody!

Your Royal Gayness is a humorous story-driven resource management game for PC, Mac and Linux. The kingdom is yours (while your parents are traveling), and you're free to rule it as you please. Too bad that princesses are lining up at your door, hoping to secure a marriage with the heir of an influential kingdom!

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The game advances day-by day for a few months while your parents are traveling. Each day includes four phases.

Audience phase: Try to solve your kingdom's problems by making challenging choices!
Management phase: Give commands to your advisors so they can help you shape your kingdom the way you want.
Events phase: A neighbouring Kingdom is holding a ball - will you go? What do you do there? Events are bits of story that let you get out of your throne room.

The Audience phase is the bread and butter of the game. Your advisors will come to you with issues that need your attention, and you get to decide how to deal with things. Your royal dragons got too fat - what now? And there's glitter everywhere, what could be causing it?

The Management phase lets you take a break from the story. For example, the Court Wizard can brew different kinds of potions for you, including love potions, poisons and expensive yet incredibly useful memory potions, which allow you to take a step back in time if you're not happy with the outcome of a choice.
Your Spymaster can help you with interpersonal matters, like finding out more information about princesses to gain an edge against them, or delicately figuring out which of the princes might be waving rainbow banners. Following the same logic, your Drakemaster can be given commands to attack other castles or fortify defenses.

TheEvents phase is when anything can happen! The idea is the same as in the Audience phase: You get to make choices on what to do, but here the choices are more personal. How to greet the ambassador from the neighbouring kingdom? What to wear at a ball? To feed a disobedient servant to the dragons or not?

Sometimes there are surprises as well, like princesses who wish to marry you!

• Hundreds of unique & hilarious excuse combinations
• Stylized fairytale-esque art
• Original soundtrack
• Every playthrough is different; lots of randomized elements
• Challenging resource management
• Tricky decisions
• A perfect mix of casual and challenging gameplay