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The Last Sigil

Status Updates

2017-03-26: title added to greenlight with the title of 'The Last Sigil'
2017-04-20: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-02-21: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
The Last Sigil is a 2D roguelike hack&slash inspired by Diablo and Rogue Legacy.
Create your guild, hire randomly generated characters with different traits, stats and skills, and enter the Sigils to vanquish an ancient evil.
Fight hordes of enemies in procedural generated dungeons, hunt for rare loot, trade and gamble with merchants or craft your own items.
Distribute stat points and customize your guild through passive upgrades; level up, earn fame, hire new members, become more powerful and reach the Last Sigil.


- Procedurally generated dungeons with different enemies, traps and bosses.
- Three difficulties, normal, hard and very hard.
- Randomly generated characters with different traits, statistics and skills and the possibility to rename them as you like.
- Five classes (mage, necromancer, paladin, ranger and warrior), each one with six different abilities plus a quick movement skill and an active block to mitigate damage.
- 50 levels, stats points to distribute between power, energy and vitality and upgrade points to spend in passive skills.
- Items of different qualities, normal, magic, rare and epic, plus an enchanting scroll to boost the bonuses of your best items even further and artifacts with special effects.
- Trading, gambling and crafting.
- Pets to bring with you and fight along your side.


The dungeons or Sigils, are procedurally generated with different enemies, traps and bosses. There are currently six dungeons and two are in development; each dungeon consists of three levels and a boss room linked with portals. You begin in a Start Room, clear of enemies and you have to reach the End Room which contains the portal to the next level. The two areas are connected throught main and secondary paths which can cross each other and are made of pregenerated rooms and corridors; these are filled with enemies, traps, containers and treasures, which are randomly spawned inside the level.

There are three types of enemies:

minions which are weak and easy to kill
elites which are tougher, stronger and with passive bonuses
bosses which you will encounter every three levels

All of them have got normal and special attacks, you can face-tank the normal ones, but you should try to avoid or block the latter, especially if you are fighting against elites and bosses or you are not playing at the default difficulty. On top of that, only few bosses are tank&spank, most of them have got also particular mechanics which will kill you if you fail to counter them.

There are three difficulties, Normal, Hard and Very Hard.

Normal is meant for beginners, it still offers some challanges and you have to avoid special abilities and learn the mechanics of the bosses.
Hard is difficult and you have to stay always on the lookout.
Very Hard is meant for dedicated players who like a challange and min max their characters and equipment..not everything works here.

When you die, the dungeon you're currenlty in will close. There is a waypoint system though, which let you teleport to the first level of any Sigil you have unlocked so far. It will work in Normal and Hard, probably not in Very Hard. I'm thinking of adding a Challange mode too, where you can't constantly hire new members and the waypoint system will be disabled, in this case it will works in Very Hard too. It's still an idea though, feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

The members of your guild are randomly generated, they have a rank, an expertise, a trait, four statistics (power, energy, vitality and luck) and a set of skills (one basic, one advanced, a quick movement and an active block). You can't create the perfect character, you have to play with what the game offers you and do your best with it.

At the beginning of the game and after every dungeon, you will be able to recruit new members and select one of them to play with. You can't change their passive abilities, nor their active skills, but you can increase some of their bonuses by killing the bosses inside the dungeons and staying alive..because when you die, you will lose the character you were playing with.

If you have a change of mind and you no longer like a specific character that you have hired before, you can always kick him/her from the guild and hire a new one. You can also rename the members of your guild, maybe after some of your idols or your friends or your subscribers (if you are a streamer).

There are currently five classes: mage, necromancer, paladin, ranger and warrior. Each one has got six different abilities (three basics and three advanced), plus a quick movement skill (teleport, charge, dash and leap) and an active block to mitigate the unavoidable incoming damage.

You can't select the basic or advanced abilities, a character will randomly get one of each type when it's generated. Basics abilities cost no mana, but they deal less damage, viceversa advanced skills have got a mana cost but they deal more damage.

There are many types of skills, ranged, melee, piercing projectiles, explosive projectiles, channelings, frontal AOE, 360° AOE, single target DOT, AOE DOT, summonings, etc. You can boost them with passive upgrades and you can add special effects too through an item called Artifact.

By killing enemies you will earn experience and level up until level 50. You can reach the maximum level in every difficulty, so if you just want to relax and play only at Normal, you can stick to it all the way.

Each level awards you some statistic points to distribute between power, energy and vitality which are in common among all the members of your guild and they are boosted from the statistics of the character you're currently using. You also gain one upgrade point, which you can spend to select and improve some passive abilities and if you have a change of mind you can reset everything for free.

Each character has also got a statistic called luck, this bonus gives a chance to double your loot everytime you kill an enemy or open a container/treasure chest. On top of that you can also stack magic and gold find through the bonuses of your equipment and the passive upgrades.

The equipment consists of 13 slots: helmet, chest, gloves, pants, boots, amulet, two rings, three type of weapon (melee, ranged and magic), a shield and an artifact.

You can hunt for rare items inside the dungeons, by killing enemies or looting containers and treasure chests. You can also buy and sell from/to merchants in the starting zone and gamble for unidentified items; or if you like to craft, you can gather materials and craft your own equipment at the forge.

There are four qualities/rarity of items, normal, magic, rare and epic; all the items but the normal ones (which are needed for crafting), increase your character's statistics and add some passive bonuses, like critical hit chance or health regeneration. The higher is the rarity, the more and stronger are the bonuses. On top of that, there is also a particular item called Artifact, which add special effects and procs to your active skills. This feature is still in development, so feedback and ideas are much appreciated!.

Inside the Sigils, you can also find pets to collect; you can equip them in the specific inventory slot just like any other item and the pet will pop out, follow you and fight along your side. If the pet dies, you will not lose it, it will automatically come back after a short cooldown. Finally you can also boost them by spending upgrade points in the relative skills.

This feature is still in development, the plan is to give them different combat skills and some basic statistics plus a bonus based on your owns. If you have any ideas or preferences let me know and leave some feedback please!