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Dialogue: A Writer's Story

Status Updates

2017-03-23: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Dialogue: A Writer's Story'
2017-06-08: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-09-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Dialogue: A Writer's Story is a game about conversation! Follow Lucille as she struggles to write her second novel, which stars thirtysomething-year-old magic researchers. In Dialogue, the gameplay is intrinsically linked with conversation – with a range of dialogue mechanics creating new ways to explore and influence an interactive story.

Dialogue's first release was well-reviewed by the likes of VideoGamer.com, but we felt we could improve it. The game is now on its second version – with completely new user interface visuals and themes – which is why we’re back on Greenlight. The new version of Dialogue is ready to go; we just need your votes to be able to bring this unique game to Steam.

Dialogue: A Writer’s Story is a game about conversations, writing and science. You play out a year in the life of Lucille, a writer working on her science fantasy novel, whose content is highly inspired by her neighbour Adrian’s research subject, biochemistry. The gameplay consists of different kinds of conversations, in which the player can learn more about Lucille, her family and friends.

Dialogue consists of various types of conversations with different mechanics. Active conversations occur in real-time, and the effect of Lucille’s statements can be modified through her equipped Focus. Exploratory conversations map different subjects spatially, allowing for backtracking and finding new paths, while emails can be arranged and edited.

Dialogue combines ease and depth of play to provide a well-rounded narrative experience grounded in everyday life. Individual scenes can be replayed and mastered to unlock extra content and new ways to play the game. Each equipped Focus is a way to learn more about a character’s preferences, or a new way to approach the conversation. A playthrough of Dialogue takes around 3-6 hours.

The story in Dialogue is grounded in real life challenges and tensions, telling the story of relatable but interesting characters. We have drawn from our personal experiences to talk about the difficulties involved in two major areas.

The first is the creative process, both in Lucille's writing of her novel, and other people's reactions to it. The player will have insight into Lucille's struggles and triumphs as she changes characters, creates twists in the story and struggles to find a satisfying conclusion.

The second is how real scientific research is carried out, how it is seen by people outside of the research community. Adrian's year is focused on working with his unruly cells, and the player will get to experience the worries and joys of being a researcher.

Hey Poor Player - "True to its name, it boasts the most comprehensive dialogue system I’ve ever seen in a game... In Dialogue, understanding and empathizing with people is very much an end in itself. ...I found myself wanting to be more like Lucille – someone genuinely interested in people and their complex personalities."

VideoGamer - "There's a nice mingling of science and creativity, and it realises the process of sieving information to get to the nuggets of interesting and imaginative things remarkably well."

Fuwa Novel - "Dialogue: A Writer's Story is probably the best depiction of what it's like to be a writer you'll ever find in games."

Dialogue is the inaugural game of Tea-Powered Games.

As a company, we focus on expanding the narrative vocabulary of digital games, both in terms of stories and mechanics, with a holistic design approach. Tea-Powered Games was founded by a writer (Flo) and designer (Dust) who had been making games and writing stories during their research jobs.

Dialogue has been completed and the game is available now at: http://teapoweredgames.itch.io/dialogue