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The Warhorn

Status Updates

2017-03-17: title added to greenlight with the title of 'The Warhorn'
2017-03-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-10-27: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Explore the world in a search of the warhorn. You are one of many people that are searching for that ancient artifact. You will decide what will happen to the world when you will get it.
You will visit dark, dangerous places that will help you find the answer. Key element of all dungeons will be puzzles and traps.
Every place will have it's own story that you can unravel by taking side quests or reading journals and notes. If you want to know more, visit library in which you will find a lot of books with informations about different creaturs and places that you will encounter in the game.

When you will begin you journey, your character doesn't have much skills. You have to learn how to fight, hunt, cook, build, lockpick and use magic runes. You will meet many characters that will teach you everything. Sometimes you have to do them a favour, other times you will just pay for knowledge. In magic castles you can get magic runes and abilities to use them to your advantage. Fireball, icelance, healing, light, invisibility, shrinking rune and many more will help you fight and survive.

One of the most important element of our game is big open world, in which you will find a lot of secrets, puzzles and dangerous enemies. Our world is made by hand and not computer generated. It was very important to us to create world that is constructed out of unique places that you can explore. Even though big part of the world is nature, every place will feel unique and different. There are 7 theme bioms: green spring, autumn, snowy, desert, savanna, jungle and drought island.

In The Warhorn you can create your own kingdom. But you have to build wooden village first and develop it. You can do it almost anywhere in the world by placing totem and setting up name for your village. Then you will be able to invite your friends, so development of your village will be easier and more fun. The Warhorn offers two types of building systems:

- First one is for creating your own house - you can build using ready elements like foundations, pillars, walls, doors and etc. You can build what you want and how you want. In your house you can keep your most valuable items you have.

- Second way to develop your village is by placing functional buildings like sawmill, blacksmith, armorer, mill or alchemist etc.

These predefined buildings are very usefull for creating tools, armors and weapons. Your future achievements and safety will depend on these buildings. The most important functional building is townhall, which you have to build in first place because it will allow you to fully manage your village.
In townhall you will be able to check level of your village, list of all members and theirs role, list of all buildings and NPCs that you own.
Level of your village will depend on two things: resources that you will bring to village and buildings you will create. When your village level is high enough you will get information that new era has come, which means that you can now build better buildings and upgrade the ones you already own. This is very important part of the game because new elements will be much stronger and you will be much safer.

As an owner of the village you will be able to create NPCs that will help you in the game. You can make 3 types of NPC's:
- Villager who can extract resources and bring them to village.
- Warrior who will help you fight with every creature and player in the world. He will also take care of helpless villager who is exposed to other players when he is gathering resources by himself.
- Gate guard who will guard entrance to you village.

Crutial place when you will start the game will be main village which is mutual for every player.
When you will need any armor or weapons you can visit any of functional buildings that are available in main city and buy what you want.
That place is a safe zone where players can not fight and it is place where you can meet new friends. There is also an arena where you can fight for money and honor.
This approach allows you to have fun all the time without spending too much time on looking for resources because you can just buy it.

When your village will be developed enough you will gain access to build war machines like catapult, ballista or battering ram so you can attack other villages and defend your own one.

All over the world there will be a lot of mysteriuos places that will be a challenge for everyone. Often before you will get acces to that place you will have to resolve a puzzle. Many entrances will be hidden or locked.

Just remember to have your eyes open. Look for buttons, mechanisms, levers and everything else that you can interactc with. Remember that it will be a lot easier to resolve them with friends.
Frequenty you will notice different symbols that will help you find an answer. Almost everything what you will encounter in game will be important.
When you finally find the end of dungeon you have to face big beast. You will die or win the fight. There will be no return. If you will make it you will be honored with very unique armor or weapon.

Multiplayer in our game will operate on dedicated servers, but there will be also possibility to create you own game and invite your friends to join you. So if you want to play alone or with couple of friends it will be possible.