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Status Updates

2017-03-17: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Invisibox'
2017-03-30: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-10-06: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Invisibox is a stylish puzzle game where you have to solve sliding puzzles by moving invisible boxes to their destination while avoiding various obstacles.

Invisibox Features (already implemented):
  • Almost 100 hand crafted puzzle levels of varying sizes
  • 3 star rating system
  • Round-based gameplay, not time pressure
  • One-Hand, Mouse or Touch Controls
  • Minimalist but mind-bending puzzling
  • A level is too hard? Use a Helper Power up to make the boxes visible! Hardcore puzzler don't need those though.
  • Variety of different obstacles and gimmicks to make it even more interesting
  • Unique puzzle elements
  • Perfect for playing on the train, while hearing music or just to do some puzzling
  • Train your short time memory
  • Compatible with all common screen resolutions, also optimized for windowed mode
  • Super short tutorial so that you can start puzzling asap

Planned Features (if greenlit):
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Additional Levels
  • Night Mode
  • Color Blind Mode
  • Android and iOS Versions
  • Price of ~ $1

Invisibox is a minimalist puzzle game that will perfectly add to your minimalistic puzzle games collection and will entertain you for hours. All puzzles are possible to solve without using a helper power up, but thanks to these helper power up's even casual puzzlers will be able to enjoy Invisibox.

Although it might look like a platformer level on the screenshots, it's not! It's a pure round-based puzzle game.

Why Steam?
With the steam release I hope to fund further development of Invisibox and my upcoming games.
Without additional funds I won't be able to release a mobile version of Invisibox, which would be really tragic because as you can see Invisibox would be perfect for mobile devices. I also plan on adding more levels for the steam release, so even if you already own Invisibox via itch.io you'll get new content and also a mobile version for puzzling on the go.

Planned Release Date:
After getting greenlit it will take only a few weeks until Invisibox will be available on steam.

Play Invisibox now:
You can try the itch.io early access version already right now:


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