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FARIA I: Starfall

Status Updates

2017-03-10: title added to greenlight with the title of 'FARIA I: Starfall'
2017-06-13: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-09-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Click for a tune that will bring a smile to your face![www.faria.online]

Faria I: Starfall delivers a subtle blend of freedom, high-octane combat and a laser-precise, long-deliberated narrative that takes you on an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. It is an experience that surpasses all tropes and expectations to present an open-world players will truly care for.

Beginning the Heartbearer saga, the vast narrative covers the lives of an extensive cast of characters in a world being ravaged by an increasingly lethal climate. Along your journey, you'll be hounded by orcs, be participating in large-scale warfare and even getting yourself shipwrecked on a deserted island! And that's only in the first half of the game.

. A thrilling and extensive 20+ hour adventure that's free from artificial padding such as grinding or repetitive tasks.

. Combat; approach creatures you see roaming about to begin a fight. The battle system is a careful combination of real-time strategy and speed! Fear not for the misery of "game-overs", however.

. No leveling; the benefits for doing so are three-fold. Firstly, it eliminates any possible need or desire for "grind". Secondly, it allows myself as a developer to craft more unique combat scenarios and situations the player must adapt to on the fly, without them grating against the established "rules" that a levelling system may inflict. And thirdly, it means characters and their roles and positions in battle are more defined.

. Crafting; whether you want to create age-old relic replications or prepare a tasty stamina-restoration jam for extended battles, the system has been carefully refined and streamlined to avoid the unnecessarily complicated quirks and cumbersome requirements often associated with crafting systems.

. Dungeons; no adventure is complete without peril - or puzzles for that matter! In your travels, you'll be tested in a variety of ways above and below ground in ways you may not expect; from heart-pounding chase sequences to tip-toeing your way past ancient sentinels.

​. Harvesting; you can buy all your ingredients from the various stores in Port Faria and beyond, but if you're willing to put in the leg-work, you may roam about mining mineral deposits and picking berry-bushes to obtain most of your required ingredients for free.

. Freedom; it's an open world with no fast travel. The maps here are broad and filled with much to discover. Five minutes into the game, you are free to explore Port Faria, the Blueridge Mountains and the encompassing lands in-between. Making this world feel alive with an array of NPCs that were each individual was the biggest undertaking, but it all pays off.

. A happy fantasy; Faria and The World is a realm free from political corruption and a billion bandit organisations that take to plaguing each and every highway. It is a place where unity, love and honesty form the core principles of all its freepeoples and that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Goddess and each other, regardless of one's race, creed or birthplace. Unless you're a stinky orc.

. Starfall's release is to be preceded by the free-to-play FARIA: y-Vylka Darkening. Click that link to be taken to its Greenlight page.

. There is a plethora of gorgeous trading cards, backgrounds and badges to acquire on Steam, featuring character and environmental artwork; some of which can be seen on this page!

. Starfall has full controller support.

. I want as many people to experience this game as (reasonably) possible. Therefore, the price will be $4.99.

. All footage from the trailer is taken from the first half of the game.

I implore you to visit Faria's newly renovated website at: www.faria.online

It's a veritable trove of information regarding Faria, its lore and any upcoming projects. It also contains a devblog covering various aspects of Starfall's development process.

In particular:

If you would like to hear musical samples, visit: The Passing Bird Inn[www.faria.online]
If you would like to learn more of Faria and The World, visit: The Loreforge[www.faria.online]