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I Can See the Future

Status Updates

2017-02-27: title added to greenlight with the title of 'I Can See the Future'
2017-03-29: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-09-22: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Genre:​ Top Down Shooter

Make a choice and fix everything. Don’t make a choice and take the responsibility for inaction. There's always a way out, no matter how difficult the situation is.
I Can See the Future. Your choice shapes the game.

Freedom of Choice
There are several endings in the game. The plot is based on options and you always can choose one or none. Inaction doesn’t always have negative effects.
There are also investigation and searching missions in the game. For example, you’ll have to find a secret room. And even you won’t find it, the game doesn’t end. Just remember — sharp perception is always awarded! To find out what does a character hide, you'll need specific details, which you can only get by meeting the specific conditions.
The freedom is not only about choices and consequences. You can refuse to do your job and abandon the mission. If you can’t find the answer during the investigation, you can achieve your goal another way.

The story takes place in alternative reality where the predatory creatures like lycanthropes and vampires live among humans in peace and have equal rights. Each race has its Сouncil which makes decisions concerning those who violate the law. The human race law enforcement consists of “savants”, men and women with supernatural powers. The world is ruled by bureaucracy. Those who refuse following the rules are to be sentenced to merciless death. But there’s the third party which cannot be seen, its members conceal themselves from the others.

The game tells one of the stories, which main hero is Adam, the savant. His supernatural power is foreseeing the future.
The first human, who had supernatural powers was a savant who could move objects with his mind. The news of this man spread all over the world in the blink of an eye. The following humans who were born with supernatural powers have also started being called the savants.
Every child is being checked for supernatural powers. Those children, who have proven themselves as savants, are prepared to serve the Council.
Those who refuse following orders from the Council are “renegades”. Renegades are allowed to live as normal human beings. But if renegades use their superpowers to harm another creature, they will be sentenced to death.

Adam’s Ability
In fact, Adam cannot die, as when he dies, he returns to the moment where he could avoid death. Thus, he can affect only his own future. Making a mistake he can’t just fix it by going back. For example, he killed an innocent but in that moment Adam wasn’t in danger. In this case, he returns to the moment after him committing a murder.

The first type of enemies, Lycanthropes, act mostly like rats. They don’t attack openly, prefer to hide and run away. But if you corner them or lose your vigilance, they’ll attack.
You can meet Lycanthropes twice in the whole game. Almost each location has unique enemies. AI rewrites every time adjusting to the environment of the current location. Most enemies die after the first hit, but it doesn’t make them easy targets. You’ll have to try hard to stay alive. Even a pair of enemies can fight back hard and confront you.

There are destructible objects in the game, some may affect the gameplay. The lighting in the game plays an important role in some of locations, as it’s hard to see who’s hiding in the darkness. If you need to hide from humans, look for the dense vegetation.

  • Non-linear storyline
  • Freedom of choice
  • Several endings
  • Different enemies posing a real threat
  • Dialogues affecting the following gameplay
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Seeking the truth (optional)