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Mayhem Above

Status Updates

2017-02-27: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Mayhem Above'
2017-05-19: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Removed'

Mayhem Above is a Music Gravity Score Attack game. Use YOUR music library to play. Each song offers a different Gameplay. The Game will analyze the song and will react to its intensity. Interact with the world, perform awesome tricks and combo chains to get score!

But beware, there are many things in space that will try to silence you. Are you going to allow that? You are an Outer Space Speaker! Invade other worlds with music! Bring them to life.

Using the beats of your song, gain speed and perform awesome stunts to get more volume and reach a new highscore.

1. Choose your song
2. Fly, use gravity to perform stunts
3. Get volume.
4. Get speed.

There are three basic stunts that can be performed.


Orbital drift allows you to orbit planetoids! This will give you little score but will end up activating the PLANETOID SPEAKER, which will increase the volume, thus, your speed.

BEWARE! Activating planetoids will also activate the enemies on their surface. You came to the wrong neighborhood with your loud music.


Grinding planetoids will get you more score if they are resources on the planetoid! It will also destroy enemy units on the surface. This is what happened to dinosaurs they say...
Grinding planetoids will also activate them.


Once you have reached MAYHEM SPEED, you can Slam planetoids, which is a fancy term for 'HIT THAT PLANET VERY HARD'. The impact wave will throw enemies away into free orbit.
A planetoid that has been slammed is instantly activated.