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Tiny Tanks

Status Updates

2017-02-26: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Tiny Tanks'
2017-03-16: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-05-13: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Tiny Tanks is a fun multiplayer party game about colorful tanks, an endless flood of game modes and absolute destruction mayhem. To top it all off, everything is "physically accurate".

In Tiny Tanks you control a small toy-like tank and try to beat your enemies (or friends) in every round to get the most points and win the game. You can beat your friends mainly by shooting them with hilariously oversize bullets or catapult them of the map by making them drive into one of your deadly mines. But beating your friends is not just about destroying them. You can win points by evading mines dropping from the sky, not touching the ground when the volcano erupts or by not falling off the map when gravity starts to shift. To make the whole situation even more chaotic, you can destroy the whole map with your bullets and mines. If your enemy thinks he is safe on the bridge he is wrong, because it suddenly collapses as your mines detonate below it and send him flying off the map.
You can beat your friends in local multiplayer or fight with total strangers online.

  • Destroy everything
    Don't you love it to blow things up? Feel free to demolish the whole map. There are no limits.

  • A ton of gamemodes for endless fun
    We bring you over 25 game modes with different unlockable variations to give you even more to do.

  • Physics everywhere
    Destruction is good. We started building this game always with physics in mind. Your tank is physically simulated and reacts to the destruction mayhem that is happening around you.

  • Play on one machine, over LAN or Online
    Do you want to battle your family, friends or even total strangers? We want to give you all options so you can enjoy our game as much as possible. Setup your own lobby with your very own rules to let the fun begin.

  • Full controller support
    You like to play your games with the keyboard, your Xbox or Playstation controller? We support them all! If there is a controller we don't natively support on release just send us the name of the controller you want to play the game with and we will try to implement it asap.

So what are these game modes? A game mode gives the players different goals and sometimes changes the whole situation. There are game modes that can shift gravity, add deadly lasers or fill the map with water.
A Game consists of multiple rounds where you collect points to win the game. One round usually lasts from about 30 seconds to a minute and each round is a different game mode. This is where the fun begins.

So let's go over a few example game modes:
  • Snow Storm
    The whole arena is covered with a thin layer of ice and the tanks start to slide around if you aren't careful. Try driving up a steep ramp now.

  • Mine Rain
    Mines are deadly. Imagine what happens when they start to fall from the sky. Total madness, that's for sure.

  • Super Kickback
    Whenever you shoot your tank rocks back and forth a little bit. If you don't watch out your tank starts flying off the map. Be careful in which direction you shoot or you'll regret it.

  • Lights Out
    In this game mode the arena is completely dark. The only lightsource you have is a spotlight attached to your tank. You can turn on the light to search for the other players, but beware! When you turn on your light the other players can see you. Also when you boost for too long your wheels overheat and glow in the dark.

Now is your chance, become a tank driver!