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Kreedz Climbing

Status Updates

2017-02-22: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Kreedz Climbing'
2017-03-16: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-06-15: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Kreedz Climbing is a unique, non-violent, puzzle-platformer type total conversion for Half-Life 2 where the player attempts to climb or jump his or her way to the top of a given environment, in a race against time and against other players.

You can download the full version and play it for free yourself already! Please check the following link:


If you already have the older version of the game, Build 2828 (you can check this on the main menu at the bottom left), you can update to the Greenlight version without reinstalling the game! Please look here:


Derived from the 'kz' climbing levels found in Counter-Strike 1.6, Kreedz Climbing seeks to elevate climbing, strafing, bhop and surfing to the next level of graphics and gameplay with new maps, new features and new modes of play.

Scenarios in Kreedz Climbing range from realistic maps with natural or city settings, to outer-space, surrealism or the just plain weird - designs are completely open to the level designers themselves. Beat the maps as quickly as you can - build your skill when you beat your previous best time - or just finish the map! It's Gamer vs Gravity.

Having been a released mod for over eight years, we feel now is the time to attempt to become a free to play game on Steam, where we can offer better features and easy downloading and updating for players.

Kreedz Climbing offers:
  • An accurate simulation of Counter-Strike 1.6's movement mechanics in the Source engine,
  • Over 80 maps with over 150 courses,
  • Over 18 different disciplines to master as a player and implement as a level designer,
  • Full multiplayer compatibility where you can compete against your friends or assist them in the game's Cooperative courses,
  • Significant customisation - Many settings are available to tailor the game's UI and settings to your preferences,
  • With a large amount of creative freedom, level designers have many options for their creations - Imagine any scenario you want, add jump blocks, bunnyhops or other disciplines, and let the jumpers at it!
  • Multiplayer designed objects allow maps to display different states (such as walls or effects) to players depending on their progress through the level, allowing level designers to implement a more cinematic experience!
  • With checkpoints allowing you to teleport back to where you were if you fall, the level of challenge is tailored to you - Will you take a risk and not use them? A mix of easy and harder maps (with some featuring selectable levels of difficulty) allows players of all skill levels to compete!
  • And much more!

What we hope for if Kreedz Climbing is voted onto Steam:
  • The game would be free to play, with no costs involved to download.
  • Steam would allow players to easily download and update the game, allowing us to more easily release new features and fixes,
  • Steam Workshop integration would make it easy to share content players have made for the game,
  • The tools Steam offers to us would allow us to more easily improve the experience for players, for example by automatically receiving log files in case of issues with the game.
  • There would be almost no limits for the game!

Note: The game includes some assets from Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike 1.6, most notably the knife and USP pistol, the purpose of this is familiarity for players who have previously played those games. Kreedz Climbing is a total conversion for Half-Life 2 and NOT a mod for CSS or CS 1.6.

Some maps featured in Kreedz Climbing are ports of maps made for CSS or CS 1.6 - all map conversions done with direct permission from the original authors.