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Task Force

Status Updates

2017-02-21: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Task Force'
2017-02-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-02-22: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Task Force is a tactical third-person shooter that focuses on close quarters infantry combat. It has a unique style of shooting inspired by classic third-person games. Maps will include locations around the world where special operations are conducted. These could be jungles, deserts, urban areas or snowy environments. They'll be designed around single-life game modes with mechanics involving either bombs, hostages, or intel.

There are NO plans to include any of the following in Task Force:
- NO Health Regeneration
- NO Weapon Unlocks
- NO Enemy Targeting (UAV)
- NO Character Progression
- NO Killstreaks, Deathstreaks, or Perks
- NO Drivable Vehicles (Coop Only)
- NO Open World Environments
- NO Unrealistic Skins


Even though we plan to provide our own "official" servers free of charge to our community, we have built in support for creating a custom server at a variety of locations. You can edit settings such as map lists and round options at any time directly in-game. These servers will also be organized by region allowing you to connect with players closest to you and build communities that play more consistently.


We already have support for controller-only rooms integrated into the game. This removes the ability to use a mouse and restricts input to joysticks only. The controllers-only option is available when creating a custom server and will display a special icon in the server browser. All sensitivities, deadzones, and buttons are customizable through the in-game menu. We have support for both PlayStation and XBOX controllers.


Our movement mechanics were built from the ground up with controllers in mind. While they work seamlessly with mouse and keyboard you can achieve extremely fluid movement with the joystick of a controller. The pressure sensitivity will directly control the speed of your character in all stances and automatically transition between walking and running while standing. It also alters the sound of footsteps allowing you to move at a speed best suited to the level of stealth you are trying to achieve.

The examples on the previously linked page demonstrate variable movement speeds while walking and running. In future updates players will dynamically transition between crouch and stand when using a joystick.


Each weapon has multiple audio sources that were recorded at various distances. This allows the sound to fade across these sources and provide more natural firing effects based on your distance from the weapon. As you move closer to other players you'll hear some sharper effects of the weapon and a more distant echo as you move farther away. Separating these sounds also allows distant echos to be tuned according to the environment for more custom indoor and outdoor effects.


By using a dynamic sky the time of day can be adjusted without reloading the map. Therefore a random time could be selected for each game. While these environments won't change over the short period of a single round, the reset can advance the time of day a few hours. This means longer games that take more rounds to finish will be reflected in the environment. If a game starts around the middle of the day but takes a long time to finish it may not end until much later in the day.


Why are you doing Greenlight? - While our estimated release date is the end of 2017, we've decided to announce our campaign because we've reached a point in development where it's important for us to have developer access on Steam. With our "create your own server" feature being wrapped up we'd like to include workshop support for custom maps. We also want to begin work on VOIP integration which is another feature we need developer access for. Plus it will give us the ability to implement a robust server infrastructure and easily distribute builds to our developers and testers.

Will you be doing a kick/fundme campaign? - There are no plans to do any kind of funding campaign. We don't think it's necessary to collect a predetermined amount of money in order to build this game. We're passionate about this development and will do whatever it takes to make it happen regardless of any campaign. We also don't feel that funding campaigns are an effective use of our time which should be spent building this game, not worrying about rewards, unlock codes, or other pointless gimmicks.