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Blasted Road Terror

Status Updates

2017-02-13: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Blasted Road Terror'
2017-02-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-05-17: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Blasted Road Terror is a real-time tactical looter, in a post-apocalyptic setting. Command mighty warcrawlers and manage a squadron of vehicles, and plunder the unseen riches of the world, to eventually reach immortal glory. You will collect mighty artifacts during your journey. Build your vehicle squadron so you always have the right crew for the job. Rebuild your home base. Make new friends, and many, many horrific enemies.

Wait, what?

Hello visitor, and thank you for considering casting yes vote for Blasted Road Terror! If you read this far, you are probably wondering what is this game about. Game is mixture of looter, real time strategy and tactical rpg. Your goal is to rebuild your base, and find ideal "war party" of vehicles and equip them as good as your wallet can afford to get even more poweful equipment and perhaps, more and even rare vehicles.
Every vehicle under your command gains experience and get even better over time, but dont get too attached to it as if you lose your vehicle during mission, its lost forever. Fortunately there are always fresh war wagons aviable at your home town (actualy its more like hole in the ground than town) and if you cant afford any of them? Dont worry there is a good chance there ll be more than enough drivers and their vehicles aviable at local saloon for hire and to be paid with loot share after the mission.

Missions? There are currently 3 basic mission types, to begin with - escort, survival and bounty hunt. Missions are quite simillar but they always bring a twist in addition to basic game mechanics forcing you to choose different approach, and even vehicle setup for each of them. In additon to these there are Combat Patrol missions, which are like dungeons with multiple rooms, detours and risk/reward choices to be made. You even have to stock on supplies before departure from home town as you will probably need to make a stop during this type of mission to repair/refuel your vehicles and refresh the crew. Combat Patrol missions are long and challenging, but there is always sweet reward in form of new rare quality item at the end.

In addition, game features what i would call rock/paper/scisors weapon system as certain weapon types counter certain types of enemies to add bit of tactical depth. Combine this system with unique abilities and bonuses of each vehicle, or saloon hired heroes and you will get many tactical options how to overcome challenges game will throw at you or fail horibly couse of wrong squadron composition and useless loadouts.

Current state and development road map

Game is beign worked on for about 8 months allready and its core is about 80% completed and everything i mentioned in "Wait, what?" section is allready playable and gameplay loop is solid and satysfying. However as you probably allready noticed from the trailer game is awfuly unpolished. Why am I presenting the game now and dont wait couple of months?
Well, that was the original intention. I wanted to release public alpha version during spring, gather feedback, polish it as much as i could , submit game to steam greenlight during summer, apply more polish and work on more content while preparing for early access release during autumn and continue work on the game in same manner as with my previous title (Void Raiders). Unfortunately i had to push steam greenlight submission forward, couse of its announced end by spring and as future conditions for beign added to steam are unclear at the moment.

Hope you ll forgive lower quality of the submission and belive my promises as there is much to be added in to the game, waiting in the line to be implemented to help push the game to different level.

Planned features
  • at least dozen of player controlled vehicles all with unique stats and abilities.
  • more war crawlers with their own talent trees.
  • 3 different mission zones with unique sets of enemies- wasteland/highlands/tundra
  • more mission types to keep rich gameplay.
  • hand crafted legendary quality equipment in addition to current "randomly" generated items.
  • a lot of mini bosses for bounty hunt missions
  • scrap run minigame for the cases when you run out of the resources
  • full game soundtrack made by Bocuma
  • endgame content with possible addition of online leaderboards

Thats it! Certainly not the best presentation greenlight ever witnessed, but i hope i provided enought informations for you to decide if this is the game you would like to play on steam this autumn. Thanks for all your votes!

With regards