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2017-02-24: title added to greenlight with the title of 'MiniPixGames'
2017-05-17: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Removed'
2017-05-25: status changed from 'Removed' to 'Waiting'
2017-06-08: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
MiniPixGames is a Space-Themed, currently 2D game, based on fast 60 second matches in different situations, all available in multiplayer for up to 4 players per game. Not intended for long 10 hour playthroughs, recommended for those "5 Minutes More" Occasions.

You can Move with either WASD or the Arrows.
Press W / Up Arrow to move in the direction you are facing.
Press S / Down Arrow to go backwards.

Press D / Right Arrow to rotate clockwise.
Press A / Left Arrow to rotate counter clockwise.

Press Spacebar to fire your weapon (with very few exceptions)

WARNING: Whatever you do, theres something you must not forget: Dont go out of the screen!
If you do, you will never be seen or heard from again! (You lose, no matter what)
Note: In singleplayer, pressing key R will restart the match.

Controls in 3D Mode (Outside the ship) are like usual FPS Shooters:
[W]/[S] Forward/Backward, [A]/[S] Strafe Left/Right, Jump With [Spacebar], look around with the {Mouse}, and Use with [Left Click]
* Inside ship mode isn't available yet, and Outside ship mode is only available at Weapon Shop currently.


Description of the Current Game Modes:
Wormhole Survival
Wormholes start appearing, crowding the screen, you dont want to be caught by them because if you do, you will end up lost in a very distant corner of space. Beware their graivity aura.
Some weapons have enough energy to go through wormholes....

Space Battles
You accidentally entered enemy territory and they are angry, their ships may be less resistant, but they outnumber you.
They sometimes hit each other lmao.

Asteroid Rage
Hazardous space rocks incoming! Hard enough to 1-hit you, but not unbreakable...
The bigger they are, the stronger the weapon needed to damage them.

Blackhole Escape
A tremendous gravity force is pulling you, and some nearby enemies, starts, galaxies and planets, all of these obsctacles affect you. Do I need to mention you dont want to be pulled inside?
This is the hardest gamemode right now.

Outrun the Supernova
A red giant star has blown up, but your thruster alone isnt powerfull enough to escape, you need to collect at least 1 energy charge.
When something hits you, you drop a charge.

Space Crystals
You have seen some weird crystals, and they are shiny so you definetly want to grab the most you can. Wins the one with the greatest number when the minute runs out.
There are 7 types of crystals, but there are 11 different effects these can have. The effects of the crystals change every game.

King of the Moon
Space version of king of the hill, if you dont know what it is, you have to be the most time on the moon to claim it as yours.
Weapons have more knockback when hit inside the moon so its easier to kick someone out, but its also easier to be kicked out.

Celestial Maze
In the infinity of space there had to be a maze shaped galaxy, but we arent here to solve the maze, there is a wall that when destroyed drops a Galaxy Orb, you need 3 of these to win.
Only 1 wall has a Galaxy Orb simultaneously, when its destroyed, a new breakable wall is chosen.

The game is "functional", but not finished, I am continously working in new game modes, weapons and colors, while improving those already added.

Right now, It would be 10% Complete

DISCLAIMER: The free Online Multiplayer Matchmaking site I could find curently allows only 20 concurrent users, however, If the game aquires popularity, I can expand to at least 200 concurrent users. If the game becomes viral, I'll do whatever I can to expand according to the needs.
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Fonts Used:
by Fr. Thomas McGahee
(The dotted letters one)

Small Fonts
Found in the Notebloc
(The other one)

Game Music:
(Promotional Video, Menus and Shops)
[GDBH] -Space Step-
by blackhole666
*Music Source: Newgrounds

(During Matches)
by Drewpy
{Was cut in 3 segments}
*Music Source: Newgrounds
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Got any Suggestions on Weapons, Game Modes,
Ship Colors or Anything else? Comment please :D

*You can test a non-steam installable pre-release version, download via Mediafire:

http://www.mediafire .com /file/367wixx6ld9n9ag/MiniPixGamesSetup+v0.3Betha.exe

[It would eliminate the link if sent without space xd]

Sorry Mac Users, I am going to learn how to make it for mac. but I dont promise it will work plentifully as I dont have anywhere to test it.
(According to my Calculus, any progress made in pre-release version must be saved and be able to be used on Steam version once published)