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Status Updates

2017-01-27: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Z-Aftershock'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-02-24: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Z-Aftershock is another zombie game but also mixed with more other features than just trying to survive or keep shooting and killing zombies around the game.

The world just passed the greatest zombie crisis, however, still some aftershocks related to zombie matters.
People lost their homes, family members, friends, pets, assets, and safety condition as well.
They need someone to restore all kinds of things for new lively and safe society.
It’s time for you to restore your home town back to a suitable safety level.

In this game, you can run around and get into several places and scenes where you can get some quests to help other people. You can increase your relationship with other non-player character in the game as well. You must try to get money and materials in order to build or repair buildings and houses for yourself and others. You can use the materials to craft items, ammos, arrows, collectible items, rare items, and etc. You also need to do fishing to get several kinds of fishes and other items from sea. You can help people to find their beloved ones, pets, stuffs, and more. Spend your time in caves or dungeons finding raw stones that available to be changed to valuable gemstones which you can sell or give away (donate) to the town center. Once you have enough materials or money, you can buy or craft furniture and build more rooms in the buildings and improve the safe area where all people can live together.

You will have some weapons (pistol, sword, axe, bow) in your inventory in order to travel around the game world. You can go to caves, forest, church, buildings, grave yard, and island along day and night times.
You can earn money from killing zombies, completing quests, sell your stuffs and craft rare items to sell. You can get married to someone with very high relationship too.

In this town, the mayor is still alive and he actually needs your help to complete many quests along the gameplay. He is the person who will give you quests, and request promotes from government for your higher rank starting as a private soldier.

Near the end of the game, you will find some secrets and you need to fix them.

• Several different scenes (dungeons, caves, church, island, village, town, grave yard, house, manor, factory, forest, asylum, hospital,
• Finding materials ( or buy ) to craft items.
• Make buildings, expand the rooms in buildings to save other NPC from zimbies.
• Add additional decorative items to your buildings/rooms by completing quests/buy/search them.
• Go fishing to catch fish as food or get some strange/rare items to give to other NPC, donate to town hall, or sell them.
• Caves/dungeons to find valuable materials and gemstones.
• Complete quests from other NPC, make them happy in order to get better relationship with them, and chance to get promoted to better rank started as private soldier.
• Raise relationship with other NPC up to even ask someone to get married to.
• Can work for money instead of killing zombies to take money.
• Change the empty town back to lively community.
• Help other NPC to find their loved ones, pets, belongings, etc.