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Status Updates

2017-01-26: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Survisland'
2017-02-06: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-07-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
is a realistic survival sandbox aiming to bring every bitter and sweet of surviving to players. Inspired by Les Stroud's "Surivorman", the movie "Into the Wild" and real-life surviving documentations.

You are set to an alternate Earth have only Ocean and Islands, you have to craft tools, gather food and build shelters by your bare hands. Survive, explore, even build your own empire in this fantastic islands-world.

Game Mechanics
Every survival system is uniquely designed to bring more realism, and we will modify even reshape them according to community's feedbacks to make them more enjoyable and control-friendly.

1. Real and dynamic weather
Winds, clouds, sunlights and temperature are all connected and accurately calculated to form a semi-predictable yet ever-changing environment. Players can find some patterns of the nature and use it to their advantage but also will be surprised by the unexpected.
The weather also affect player stats significantly, like hypothermia in rain storm or heatstroke under the sunlight.

2.Detailed body system
Health, stamina, hunger, hydration are divided into many specific aspects and they keep a balance to each other. Manage your diet to consume what you really need, like sugar provides more calorie in shorter time while starch lasts longer, and neither can improve your muscle capability without protein.

3.Technique based crafting system
We use different techniques to process natural resources in real-life surviving, and so it is in our game. Knapping, cutting, drilling, batoning, grinding, combining etc. Different items provide different techniques, use them to craft new tools and make life easier.

4.Universal building system
This is what we proud of so long. Our brand new universal building system can let you build almost everything you want just like in real life. No model editing dejavu or block piling, we use pillar & beam structures to build shelters and more.

5.Scale based inventory
Your carrying capacity is drastically limited by tools. You can only carry on small thing in each hand at first, but with belts, bags and clothes with pockets, you can bring more stuff at one time.
Also larger items can not be put into a small container, you need a backpack for coconuts but a room for wood logs.

Work-in-Progress Mechanics
Unlimited Ocean and Random Islands
There should be endless islands for players to explore, so there must be several different island biomes and borderless seas. Basic boats will also be added within this system.

Combat and Hunting
We are planning to make a Mount & Blade style combat system with detailed hit-areas on your body. Weapon's damage type and your armor stats determine the injuries you get. From bruise to fracture, different injuries will cause different effects on your body parts. For example, a fracture on the left arm will cause your left hand item slot disabled until the bones healed, but a maximum cut wound will dismemberment your left hand permanently and you will never be able to use a bow anymore. Also you can put an arrow in an animal's knee to make it limp.

Upcoming Features (Planned)
Modular trap system to let you build your own killing machine.
Agriculture system with plant evolving and breeding features.
Extreme weathers like volcano burst, tornado, tsunami etc. bring more tense and uncertainty.
Taming and pet system to allow you bring wild life to your side and rear livestock in pens.
Natives system to let you conquer, trade or lead the island tribes, save your time by bidding NPCs to do the labors.
Co-op gameplay: meet, fight or cooperate with other players to build empires.

About Us: Super Trampers Studio
We are a 4-man team in main land China. Fund is short but we are determined, we have developed this project over 14 months and made several breakthroughs before today's Greenlight campaign.
Surviving may be an outdated title but we are trying to make something different, something with real depth. For our vision is huge and can not be achieved by so few hands, we surely will expand our team if it goes well here. So if you like our ideas or think what we are doing has potentials, please vote YES and share it to people who might be interested!!
Having any questions or suggestions just leave a reply or open a discussion, we'll be very glad to see feedbacks!