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Status Updates

2017-01-26: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Roun'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-01-23: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Roun is a fantasy themed online roleplaying card game.

Explore, quest, craft and battle your way across the continent of Ceyador as you build a party of heroic adventurers. Collect new ability and equipment cards from defeated enemies. Complete quests and defeat rare encounters to claim great rewards and discover new locations. Combine runes and looted items to craft modifiers which enhance your equipment. Battle the parties of other players for gold in the arena.

Roun is currently in open Beta. You can join in by downloading the client from

Play begins by selecting an origin great city. This determines the class of your first follower. Each follower is represented in game by a deck of cards which make up their equipments and abilities.

There are six great cities spread across Ceyador and dozens of wild locations between them.

  • Orton - Orton has the look of a fortified city, built to withstand the onslaught of a determined foe. Sitting in the foothils of the massive Brokenspine mountains which form an impenetrable wall along Ceyador's northern coastline it is dominated by the sturdy stone walls of a massive keep. The first member of parties starting from Orton is a Guardian. The Guardian has dedicated him or herself to military service. They seek to shield and protect their allies while engaging opponents in single combat.
  • Mason's Rest - The great walled city of Mason's Rest gleams on the outskirts of Ceyador's marshy southern coast. The city is orderly and scrupulously maintained. This city is a monument to religous freedom and, some might say, rigidly enforced conformity. The first member of parties starting from Mason's Rest is a Spiritualist. Most spiritualists are devout followers of Hylore, That Which Bought Life. All have dedicated their lives to healing the sick and injured.
  • Aragol - High atop the northeastern cliffs of Ceyador stand the mighty towers of mystical Aragol. Although not all residents of Aragol are magicians few would not be related to someone who has passed through the doors of Sorceror's Hall. The first member of parties starting from Aragol is an Arcanist. An arcanist strives to master the mysteries of the arcane, to understand, shape and control the unseen mystic forces. In most parts of Roun they are feared and respected.
  • Birchwood - Lying in a heavily forested area on the south western coast Birchwood is populated by hardy frontier men and women. Although these rough pioneers have a strong individualist streak, Birchwood people honour and respect their Duke and King. The first member of parties starting from Birchwood is an Archer. Archers are warriors who favour the bow. Their ability to target individual high priority foes in an enemy force make them deadly combatants.
  • Fairfield - Fairfield is a beautiful city shining off the north west Ceyadorian coast under a sea of fluttering banners. Despite an obsession with the arts Fairfieldians are far from shirking in their military duty to the king. Tales of chivalry and heroism feature centrally in much Fairfieldian art and historical military campaigns are devotedly commemorated in verse, prose and painting. The first member of parties starting from Fairfield is a Bard. The bard carries the responsiblity of preserving ancient oral and musical storytelling arts. In military service they inspire and energize their allies.
  • Osseltoni - Osseltoni is a city of contrasts on the lip of Ceyador's southeastern Slaughter Bay. Elegantly crafted towers and opulent mansions rise amongst dark twisted alleyways running between crowded hovels. The commoners are sometimes pitied by outsiders for their apparent exploitation by criminals and ruthless political opportunists. The people themselves often earnestly proclaim a deep love of their complex home. The first member of parties starting from Osseltoni is a Rogue. These shadowy characters are skilled in manipulation and murder. They can effect massive melee damage against single, nearby targets.