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New Dawn

Status Updates

2017-01-17: title added to greenlight with the title of 'New Dawn'
2017-01-24: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-07-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
New Dawn is a survival sandbox open-world multiplayer, set on an island in pirate age.

Dreadful pirates landed on an unknown island of Southern America at the end of 1800, occupying it immorally and brutally.

These sea men are pitiless and killing them will be hard!

A new dawn will rise for natives! Their life will change radically and they’ hide and find solution to survive. They will find new defending tools, new building techniques, weapons and tools useful to survive. New Dawn is a survival based sandbox, open-world, multiplayer game set on an island in the pirate age for PC, Mac & Linux.

The player is a native who builds villages and uses natural resources to survive and learns how to defend himself from frequent attacks of pirates who landed on the island.

  • Size Map: 49km²

  • Equipment: You can make clothes to protect yourself from adverse climatic conditions.

  • Sleeper system: A "sleeper" is a player that has left the server. Their body becomes a physical, defenseless entity which is not within the players control. A sleeper can very easily be killed by other players.

  • Tools: You can make many tools to collect resources faster.

  • Workbench: is necessary to create complex items and learn the recipes

  • Furnace: Open fire oven with high temperature heating to melt minerals.

  • Weapons: Initially, in the game, you can make many primitive weapons. Further ahead, you will get instructions to obtain more and more advanced weapons such as Fintlocks, Muskets, Springfields, Molotovs, Bombs, Gunpowder and Bullets

  • Barter: You can barter with other tribes for resources.

  • Vehicles: Find remains of wagons left by the pirates. Look for parts and instructions to repair them.

  • Mount: Catch a wild horse to domesticate it

  • Buildings: Build a tepee that will protect you from cold and rain. You can put it in any place in your expedition. You can also build a Pit House, Hogan, Wattle House or a Village (The book building)

  • Totem: Claim the land and create your tribe! The person who builds the totem becomes the Tribe Leader. Inspecting a totem will reveal the tribe name, its leader, alliances, tribe members, player and non playable characters killed by the tribe. All members of the tribe will be able to trade with allied tribes using the totem.

  • Tribe chief: Recognized by his typical attire.

  • Slavery system: You can catch pirates and make them your slaves! But you have to feed and to cure them or they
    will die of hunger or illness. An equipped slave will guard his base.

  • Mineral resources: You have mineral resources to create tools and weapons.

  • Nearby islands: You can swim to the nearby islands or build yourself a raft to carry back

  • Herbalogy: You will find grass that can cure, poison or drug people and animals. Use it wisely.

  • PVP: You can make alliances among tribes. Will you share resources to build alliances?Plantation: Seeds can be sown to grow food.

  • Cattle paddocks: You can build paddocks for your domestic animals.

  • Hunting: The Island is infested with furious and agile animals. You will kill them only if it is an absolute necessity.

  • Fishing: You can fish using spear or traps.

  • Traps: Use them to catch animals.

  • Wrecks: So many wrecks; So much loot.

  • Alliances: Tribal chiefs have to meet and greet each other in order to create an alliance.

  • NPC: Fighting the pirates will be a hard challenge! They will locate and attack. You need to ‘Kill or be killed’

  • Tree Climb: Climb on trees to hide yourself and observe enemies.

  • Pirates’ villages: Take all their glorious booty.

  • Night/day cycle and dynamic weather: Changing levels of daylight to give you the real experience of the environment. Dress accordingly to survive the weather.

  • Terrains: Explore forests, jungles, beaches, caves and valleys. Decide where you want your tribe to live.

We are an indie company and we want you - our community - to help us with ideas and development to follow your wishes and imagination about New Dawn.

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