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HYPERNOVA: Escape from Hadea

Status Updates

2017-05-16: title added to greenlight with the title of 'HYPERNOVA: Escape from Hadea'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-07-10: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Discover the beautiful flora and fauna of Haya in this single-player RTS slated for launch in July 2017 on PC and Mac. Players assume the role of the Scynthians who must colonise and mine Hadea’s moon, Haya, in a bid to escape the death of their star (a Hypernova).

Combining classic resource management and civilization building with intuitive tower-defense gameplay, Hypernova: Escape From Hadea is a charming sci-fi and fantasy RTS with quirky characters, beautiful planetary design and a healthy dollop of humour. Steam Greenlight is the game’s first step towards saving the Scynthians from certain oblivion.

Hypernova looks incredible with clean, colorful graphics and seamless, responsive gameplay and we’re excited to finally unveil it to the public and start receiving feedback on our vision that we can incorporate into the game.

In Hypernova, an alien planetary system is in danger as their huge star – Naidira – is becoming increasingly unstable. Realizing that it is only a matter of time before an apocalyptic hypernova explosion destroys their entire planet Hadea, the Scynthians devise a plan to escape their planet and rebuild their civilization elsewhere in the galaxy. Their salvation lies in an interstellar teleportation device. Unfortunately, the raw materials required to build such a device have long been depleted on Hadea due to centuries of overpopulation.

The only place where they can gather more of these elements is on Hadea’s moon, Haya, an inhospitable world with a toxic corrosive atmosphere and inhabited by violent creatures. In a desperate, last-ditch effort to save their race, the Scynthians send an expedition to Haya to find a way to power the escape technology and save their culture.

Game features
  • Explore an unique environment and discover different landscapes
  • Search for minerals that can be used to build and power up the Scynthian technology
  • Expand a settlement that will allow the Scynthians to survive in the inhospitable landscapes of Haya
  • Grow the population
  • Build a defense system that will protect your settlement from the nasty Hayan creatures
  • Power a special structure that will allow the Scynthians to escape to safety!
  • Look for mysterious relics around the moon
  • Find hidden creatures
  • Complete research and unlock technologies in the tech tree

Game goals

Save the Scynthians as fast as you can. With a Hypernova soon to happen there is not much time left:   
  • Reach a population of 100.000 souls, by building a big settlement that can support all of the Scynthians until they flee to another planet
  • Construct and activate a Stellar Bridge that will allow the Scynthians to escape the inevitable death of their star Naidira.
  • …and a secret goal… we do not want to spoil it for you… ah, already said too much.

Build your colony, defend yourself with turrets and escape the hypernova!

Official WEB page: http://www.HypernovaGame.com
Facebook: HypernovaGame
Twitter: ActaLogic
Youtube channel: ActaLogic