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Status Updates

2017-01-06: title added to greenlight with the title of 'THE OIL PATCH SIMULATIONS'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-08-17: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
An enticing crude oil wildcatting game. Control your own destiny and build a corporate giant. Then take it to the fields and drill up some cold hard cash.

Begin with a small refining and storage operation. Use your small market footprint to pull the strings on the supply and demand for a large city’s fuel requirements. Manipulate market forces as best you can until you control the entire output of your city. Takeover your competitor’s operations by hostile takeover, or use the more traditional merger strategy and have at it.

Real world commodity price modeling along with real world supply and demand bring a sense of reality for this simulation. Refine, store, and sell your own supply. Develop new fields from our unlimited old school recreated maps. Strategize on how to utilize your funds and supplies to gain the upper hand to bamboozle your competitors and catch them with their pants down when it counts most. Acquire more land, refineries, and storage facilities to contain your objectives. Sell your old rusty outdated facilities to control your companies bleeding profits. You are in complete control of your corporate destiny. Use your best strategies to control the commodities market and your competitors. If you don’t like your competitors stepping on your toes, remove their feet by buying them out. Crush your competitors by manipulating supply and demand, but be aware, the economy of your city will be impacted. A great plan, the right strategy, and tactics are your best of friends in this simulation.

Powerful dynamic market drivers control the demand, product pricing, stock pricing, and competitors operations to keep the fluidity of the game in tacked throughout game play. You must answer to the EPA directly for all of your messes and pay your fair share for mischief. Keep your employees happy or they will strike. Suck up stock options based on your corporation’s performance and reinvest or get in on the fun with some insider stock trading in your companies acquisitions. Use your corporation as a piggy bank and pay yourself dividends or use special dividend payouts for extra personal greenbacks to inflict more havoc.

Maintain management of the assets you own. Buy new and dump the old to spare yourself the headaches of government regulators and high expense…Them pesky buggers. Control your workers activity levels and attitudes towards profits and take those inherent risks for the all mighty greenback. Real life business risks are an integral part of this simulation. You must be prepared to handle all the business risk a real modern day wildcatter might endure. Good luck! You’ll need it!