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Ancient Dimension: The Fallen

Status Updates

2016-12-16: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Ancient Dimension: The Fallen'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
There are moments when time seems not to exist. Immersed observe order a lake in calm weather. With our will can remain flawless. However, all our progress disturbs the order and the circles of our actions spread farther. We can disrupt this order at will, but in the end, however, it is ordered to equalize. The surface will continue to be flawless when we will be gone. All our previous decisions will have no effect on its surface.

And what if I tell you that such lakes is more? Each of them exist on the same laws. Each of them can remain calm and peaceful. Without affecting, flawless. So far.

Ancient Dimension is a platform RPG action game highly focused on solving puzzles. Unique mechanics, using weapons and the environment. You will explore the lands full of adventures and mysteries. On your way you will encounter ancient artifacts and things the existence of which you have not dreamed of.
Explore a world in which everything has a meaning. Every step and every decision have its consequences. Even the future affects the past.

You will be not lead by the hand. There will be no automap. The fight will be hard and challenging exploration. The game moves away from today's standards where the player just watching the game.

Now rest and prepare. We will meet tomorrow.

  • Puzzle platforming action: solve the puzzles to progress
  • 4 different stages: from castle dungeons through the desert tombs even to other dimensions
  • Challenging bosses and sub-bosses
  • Many spectacular game mechanics
  • Plenty of items and artifacts
  • Stunning lore of the game
  • Full gamepad support

Some of the graphics are still placeholders, so the product quality is not final yet.