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Status Updates

2016-12-23: title added to greenlight with the title of 'qb'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Removed'
2017-01-11: status changed from 'Removed' to 'Waiting'
2017-01-13: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-08-08: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
About the game

qb is a sandbox roleplaying game, where you can create and explore nearly infinite worlds. Solve challenging quests together with your friends and earn unique rewards. Collect precious raw goods and craft useful items. Enchant your gear to make it even stronger. Enhance your character and specialize his abilities. Find hidden treasures and reveal their secrets.

About us

We are a team of 3 developers that created qb at the beginning in our freetime. It was only a small project at first which was meant for trying out new things. But once more and more features were added so we decided to share qb with other players. For players who might want to join in an open development of the game we will create a platform where you can send us your ideas and critics.


★ (almost) Infinite world (greater than 3000 times of the surface of the sun)
★ Over 100 block types with HD quality textures
★ Over 10 different variations of block shapes
★ Save and load prefabs ingame
★ Easy switching between block shapes via pie menu
★ Customizable and placeable particle emitters
★ Treasure chests which need to be lock picked
★ Dynamically generated prefab villages with quests
★ Coop quests
★ Brew your very own beer and craft other delicious sweets
★ Lockpicking
★ Lockable doors and chests
★ Different enemy types
★ More than 20 realistic biomes
★ Realistic day and night cycles
★ Flowing water simulation
★ Minimap and large map ingame
★ Depending of skill choices you can become a warrior, mage, archer or all in one
★ Combine cloth, leather and plate armor pieces
★ Easy to use crafting system
★ Enchanting of weapons and equipment
★ Potions
★ Combat with one and two handed swords, bows and staffs
★ Dynamic lights
★ Boats
★ Caves with marvelous ores
★ Old school Ascii-Shader for the nerds
★ Furnitures

Flowing water simulation


Dynamically generated prefab villages with quests

Caves with marvelous ores


Future plans

★ Farming
★ More and new types of quests
★ Riding system and fly mounts
★ Virtual Reality support
★ Character shape customization
★ Water pressure simulation
★ Weather system
★ More enemy types
★ Share prefabs via Steam workshop
★ Ghost preview before placing prefabs and furniture
★ Carrying one weapon in each hand
★ Reputation system
★ Other races of humanoids
★ Transport system to transfer goods from one place to another
★ Fast Travel system
★ Stationery & automated weapons
★ Larger viewing distance by using generated terrain
★ Enhanced KI with changing routines and schedules based on day/night cycle
★ Different game modes other than survival
★ Mod support
★ Additional translations for other languages