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NPPS - Nuclear Power Plant Simulations

Status Updates

2016-12-06: title added to greenlight with the title of 'NPPS - Nuclear Power Plant Simulations'

NPPS is a great opening simulation for the operation of a Pressurized Vessel Nuclear Power Plant. The basic pieces and process of an operating power plant are nicely put together to form a great experience for all simulation gamers. The balance of science and simulation game come together to form a great entertainment experience that is not overwhelmingly technical for the average gamer. NPPS was developed to be easy for all to learn and master.

If you have ever wanted to learn about the production process of Nuclear Energy this is the simulation game for you. You will not only control the function of a power plant, you also are exposed to power grid operation and realistic dynamic power demand on the macro scale. As in realistic power demand, time of day is directly related to power plant operation. During day time hours power demand is at its highest and the wee hours of the night demand is lowest. Time simulation is an indicial part of the game. Through the day, demand dynamically changes as it would in real life. This simulation’s realism is as close to actual plant operation as can be made by a game.

The 100MW power plant simulates the power usage of a small city. Maintaining the power demand of the city is your highest priority. Over supply the grid and you will damage the grid infrastructure. Under supply and you will cause brown outs in the city. You must keep the power plant producing the right amount of energy for the city over the course of the day. You will receive a bonus based your ability to accomplish this goal.

The goal of the game is to operate the power plant in a way that minimizes damage and maximizes profit. The simulation allows the player to do just that. The real world experience of running a power plant is what this simulation is all about.