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Settlers of Space

Status Updates

2016-12-08: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Settlers of Space'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
Step in into the world of tomorrow and face the challenges of open space. Look out for new unknown planets and hazards, but also for new opportunities and profits. Create colonies in space, produce goods, trade them and research new technologies. Stay alert for pirates and unknown civilizations, use diplomancy to keep peace or declare war to obtain the last resources. Are you ready for settlers of space, then come and reach for the stars.

The current status of the game:Pre-alpha
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You are living in outer space, you can settle on planets, moons and asteroids. You will find a wide range of different kinds of planets, each with own resources and habitat conditions. During game play the environment can change, planets can become hot or cold that leads to a change in available resources. You always need to align with your environment.

Create trade routes between your settlements to enlarge the wealth and happiness of your settlers. Sell unneeded goods to stock up your treasury.

Discover the research tree starting from simple to very advanced systems. You can improve weaponry, armory and civil technologies. They become available either through your settlers or by completing quests. Even researched technologies can be improved further.

Every ship is personalized. First you design it by combining modules and frames together. Then you build it by using one of your shipyards. So that you are able to adjust your needs either for combat or trading.

Know your enemies and arm yourself. By winning battles the ship crew gather experience and it improves your ship. Use the environment to get a tactical advantage, hide behind planets and surprise the enemy.

Play Settlers of Space in VR (HTC Vive) and enjoy to step into the action.