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2016-12-08: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Skelattack'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-08-18: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
For centuries, mankind has traveled the land to raid dungeons for riches and glory.
This is not their story.

I invite you to ponder what daily life is like for the dungeon-dwellers.

You are an enchanted skeleton, living in the deepest part of the dungeon. You awaken to the terrible sound of the Alarm Bell, whose sole purpose is to let you know that intruders have been seen within the dungeon. Your helpful bat companion is by your side, ready to cast whatever magic spell you have chosen for her to hold. Sword in hand, you exit into the Sewers of the dungeon to begin your hunt. No intruders can be left alive to tell of this place.

I don't want to read, I want to play!

Well then, here's a demo! This thing is my pride and joy, and the gaming community has been insanely helpful in helping me test and polish it before I came to Greenlight.

OSX--- https://www.dropbox.com/s/heri1lswoogoje8/Skelattack%20OSX%200.2.2.zip?dl=0

PC--- https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui3vqaapdinjza2/Skelattack%20PC%200.2.2.zip?dl=0

Dungeon Travel

Making the player feel agile and in-control was a must from day one. You can jump, double-jump, and wall-slide on all surfaces. Your sword attacks are lightning-quick.

Dungeon Living

There's lots to see in this massive dungeon. It is divided into distinct areas that serve a purpose for the entities who live there:
  • The Sewer, dark and wet...the lowest part of the dungeon that handles waste management and water flow.
  • The Prison, where intruders unlucky enough to not be killed are left to starve in hanging cells.
  • The Greenery, where beautiful plants are cultivated.
  • The Library, full of the collective knowledge of the many who have lived in the dungeon.
  • ...and more could be added as development continues!
Friendly Faces

There will be a number of interesting characters to meet and chat with. Bouncing Jellies, Demons, and of course other skeletons. Many of these characters can assist you in some way, and others just want to chat or thank you for your service. Some of them (such as the Jellies) are too weak to defend themselves, and are incredibly grateful that you fight in their name.

Unfriendly Faces

Raiders, thieves, and warriors from miles around have descended upon your home in search of treasure. The enemies you encounter will have strengths and powers that must be dealt with accordingly. Currently in the game:
  • Tribal Warrior: Not much for armor, but his punch will knock you back!
  • Knight: Beware the long reach of his sword! He is wearing armor as well, and can take more punishment.
  • Flame Mage: Physically weak, but will constantly launch fireballs at you when you're in range.
  • Armored Boss: Insane reach, HP and attack power. He's also accompanied by a flying beast that shoots magical projectiles in your direction. Getting close is risky.
  • ...new enemies will be added as time allows :)

Within the dungeon you may find a Blacksmith...surely he can improve the damage dealt by your sword!

Bat Companion?

She's your best friend, and always ready to chat! Talking with her during normal gameplay is completely optional, but it's interesting to hear what insights she may have about certain situations. She has amazing hearing, and can tell you if any enemies are still left in an area before you leave. Players who are used to the dungeon may want to move more quickly, so I decided not to force you to chat with her. At any rate, she will handle all of your magic spells (as long as you have Magic Power). Don't leave home without her!

Magic Spells

Like other things in this game, Magic is completely optional to the player. I want you to decide how you would like to play Skelattack, and not have it forced upon you. That being said, your bat companion can only carry one magic scroll at a time, so choose wisely! There will be areas in the game where you can swap out one spell for another if you'd like to try something different.
At the moment, the only spells are:
  • Cure: heal a certain amount of HP
  • Fire: Shoot a wall of flame out from the ground in front of you and burn your enemies (or certain obstacles).
  • Air: Use this spell in the air to essentially get a 3rd jump! Useful for platforming and finding hidden areas.

No dungeon is built for comfort. There are a number of pitfalls and traps that will kill you easily. Arrow traps, cursed runestones, spinning sawblades, and fall damage need to be handled with care. Of course, there are situations where you can use a trap to your advantage to hurt your enemies!


At the moment I'm using royalty-free music in the teaser video and demo itself, but I will be taking a look at original composers in the future. Working alone on this project meant saving money where possible.


The world of Skelattack is RICH with stories, history, and in general the memories of a booming society. Humans raid dungeons without a second thought to the lives of those inside. The inhabitants of the dungeon feel shunned by the world, and in many cases have turned to literature and the arts to have some semblance of a normal life.

Lore can be found by reading at book shelves. Each bit of lore is called randomly within the game, so you never know what you'll find next. All discovered Lore is saved into the Library, where it can be read at a later date, and in greater detail.


There is some light puzzle-solving in Skelattack, but generally nothing that takes away from the action. You'll need to pull some levers to unlock areas where enemies lurk, or be creative and find the right path leading to the exit. Knowing when and where to use certain magic spells is also important if you want to find all of the dungeon's secrets.


Skelattack auto-saves in each new area, and you can save the game manually by lighting up one of the many blue torches you find around the dungeon. The game remembers where you are, all of your stats, as well as any enemies you have killed.


I'm the animator, artist and programmer for Skelattack, and it's been a wonderful passion project for over a year. I have polished the demo as much as I could so that you can get a perfect sense of what is being offered here. This is not a project that will benefit from rushed art/programming. Development is done in Game Maker Studio: Professional and will be available for PC and Mac!

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to seeing you in the dungeon.
~David Stanley

General Specs

Operating Systems: PC/Mac
Controller Support: Yes (PC: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Confirmed) (Mac: PS3 Confirmed)
Players: 1
Online: No
Spooky Skeletons: Yes