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The Dreamer

Status Updates

2016-12-16: title added to greenlight with the title of 'The Dreamer'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'

The Dreamer is a first person

Survival / Horror game,

with gameplay built around exploration, solving puzzles and combat in which nonlinear, player choice based story with multiple endings shapes and changes the game flow and experience.

Our main focus is to make a game in which
choices are key element of the gameplay and plot;
we want the player to constantly make aware and unaware choices, which will effect the ending, visited locations, characters met and overall flow of the story.

Every day we make dozens of choices - a decision to leave the house at a certain hour sets our lifeon a specific course, that otherwise could have been unachievable - and this is exactly what we want to with "The Dreamer". Based on what the player does, new places and events can appear, while otther change or disappear completly.

The gameplay is based on exploration of various locations and environments. Due to randomized object placement and choice consequences affecting the game world, every player will experience the game in a diffrent way.

Jack's every day life starts merging with surrealistic dreams that push him into taking drastic measures in order to discover the truth.

Night after night, since Clare disappearence, Jack is hunted by maddening visions, that question the circumstances of his beloved one vanishing. When distinguishing dreams from reality becomes impossible, he decides to find his missing wife, no matter the cost.

Sandbox Official Website[sandboxstudiogames.com]

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Official Instagram[www.instagram.com]

Risks: Game Development always presents risks and challenges. Since we are a young team, we have to keep everything within a reasonable scope. We understand our strengths, and we understand what we lack in resources. It is very important to us that everything that we say will be included in the game. Everything that we announce is something that we have discussed in great detail to ensure that we do not make any false promises.

We also haven't earned any respect in the industry, and we don't have any big names attached to our project. This is our chance to prove to the industry and ourselves that we can deliver on a fun and completed video game.

  • What are your release dates for PC ?

    If funded, the current plan is to complete the PC version of the game with the team we have by the end of 2017

  • What would be the length of the game?

    Our current plan is for the game to be about five to eight hours long. Although, the project is still in early development, therefore the length of the game can change.

  • Can i play demo of The Dreamer?

    Yes, when it is released. (January of 2017)

  • Is The Dreamer only set in a house/dreams?

    Nope, it isn't. The game will offer a variety of different locations set both indoors and outdoors.

  • WIll The Dreamer be supporting Playstation VR?

    We hope so. (One of our campaigns goals is to included VR Support)