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Elisa: the Innkeeper

Status Updates

2016-12-01: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Elisa: the Innkeeper'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-02-11: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Elisa: the Innkeeper

Our Visual Novel will include the following content and will be divided in 3 main different sections:

  • Prequel Enhanced Edition
It features a new set of Artworks (completely remastered by our artist Bicio), new features and a huge amount of technical and visual upgrades as well as a new user interface, completely redesigned on the basis of feedback from our players. The game has been also translated to 5 different languages.
An early version of our Prequel Enhanced Edition is available right NOW for Free! (we published this mega patch and this greenlight page at the same time)

  • The Fall
Our story comes first!
The Fall is the second and much bigger part of our story. What choices did you make during our Prequel? Now it is time for the consequences!
When you publish a visual novel, you publish a story. For this reason we gave storytelling the maximum priority. Inspired by our literature, we chose an eighteenth-century Italian comedy as our starting point.

  • Season Pass
It features 2 main DLCs: "Elisa's Past" + "The story of a Knight" at the price of... guess what? ZERO. Every patch, upgrade, additional content will always be Free.

Playing a video game, in most cases, is most enjoyable if it is an immersive experience. For this reason we used almost all of our available budget to get high quality art and music.
Our main artist Bicio is the winner of the 2015 Latin American Manga contest and our Background artist Ria won "the Last Draw nationwide anime-style illustration competition".

Our soundtrack was made by Youtube composers Adrian von Ziegler and Brunuhville.

We created our game specifically in order to give you guys full control on our characters and let you change their fate according to your will. Considering our Prequel we did our best trying to create multiple story branches, each one pretty different from the others after some critical main choices.

But is that enough? What about the characters? Do they really change according to the player's decisions?

We spent a lot of time and effort expanding our story and introducing a huge amount of additional secondary choices that will allow you to play our game very differently.

Inspired by games like other famous RPGs we are giving you the possibility to take control of our characters and decide their dialogues, directly! Do you want to tell our Prince to Fu*k off? Now it is literally possible.

But there is more! Other than making just good or bad choices we introduced tons of character traits! (they are around 40, Ii can't even remember)

And of course unlockable codex, items, models and expressions!

The game is going to be available in the following languages.
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

Our Prequel has already been translated, feel free to check it out.

Every Artwork and background available in our Visual Novel is in 4k resolution ULTRA HD, so if you have a 4k screen you are incredibly lucky! You will be able to play our game at its full potential!

About our Season Pass: in the past year or so, some great RPGs have come out and their philosophy was to provide a lot of free content to gamers; we really love that philosophy, so we will try to make it our own!
Greed is bad! so our Season pass will be FREE.

Check out our website for more info!

Please follow our Project and share it if you can! We are really doing our best in order to create a great product!