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Status Updates

2016-11-28: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Remnants'
2016-12-06: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-05-18: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Please Note that some of the assets we are current using are placeholders and will be replaced later on in development.

We are small Dev team that was brought together back in 2011, We devoted years of work to create a total conversion mod for Supreme Commander 2 and its community.

OverRated Lead Developer and Creator
Avitus_12 Lead 3D Artist

At the stage we are arming for a early access release around Q2/Q3 2017.

Remnants will not be your typical survival game, we all know the survival game idea has been flogged out over the last few years 99% of those being post apocalyptic zombie types, We want to try some thing new and fresh, we want to create a unique atmosphere for people to explore.

• Open world Survival Game
• Retro Elements
• Steampunk Elements
• Will feature a side story along with quests.
• In game Currency
• Merchants and a range of vending machines
• Vehicles

Every Survival game needs crafting and base building, but we want to bring some think new to the field so expect some new features, what these are will be relieved at a later date.

Remnants already contains a crafting, Base and Vehicle construction system.

• Bases
• Vehicles
• ( Defenses )Turret, Drones, Traps
• Garden beds

We are going for a large world with different areas zones each with there own loot areas, these areas will also features the following AI types.

• Splicers ( Runner, Scalar, Caster, Brute )
• Bionic Machines ( Turrets, Drones, Humans Experiments )
• Wild Animals

• Gas Stations
• Show Grounds
• Small Towns
• Light House
• Underground
• Power Plant

• Radiation
• Gas
• Desolate
• Snow
• Woods
• Desert

The project was built with multiplayer in mind so it will support it from from day one, the game will run on dedicated servers with support up to 100 players per server, local hosting is still being decided.