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Battle is Key

Status Updates

2016-11-28: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Battle is Key'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
All the fun of a turn-based tactics strategy game, brought into Real-Time PvP!
Your turn is now!

Battle is Key presents a fresh take on multiplayer, board-based combat. Featuring 1-on-1 battles of up to 10 units per side, control of each unit under your command is uniquely bound to a chosen key--making for an intense, Real-Time competitive strategy game.

Competitive Real-Time Tactics

Easy to learn. Difficult to master.

  • 12 units, each with their own nuanced take on combat - from lowly Knight to powerful Dragon!
  • 3 interchangeable and stack-able game modes, including standard Domination, Timed-Battle, and the hectic vulnerability of Crystal Mode!
  • A truly unique, flexible and dynamic input scheme - Control multiple units, anytime and anywhere, a challenging skill set to conquer.
  • Win through skill, not luck! Carefully balanced Game-play with the removal of random-number generation of all kinds.
  • Fast - Reliable multiplayer net-code through Photon Unity. Don't let lag cost you a match.
  • Expansive - Ranked, AI battles and Tournament Modes are on the way - along with New Units! All free after the initial purchase!
  • Pay-to-Win? - Absent Here. No feature is locked behind a paywall. All players have the same capacity to build and explore the meta.
  • Training Mode - Practice makes perfect. Hone your skills in training mode.

The most fun you'll ever have on an 8x8 board!

Come see what strategy looks like - when the only obstacle is your Opponent.

Battle is Key!

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