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2016-12-03: title added to greenlight with the title of '2URVIVE'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-07-24: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'


2urvive is an action survival game in 2D overhead view.

The action take place in a devastated world... infected are everywhere.

Survivors and soldiers try to survive but infected are more and more numerous.

Inspired by classic zombie movies, 2urvive is characterized 

by the pixel art style and its oppressive atmosphere.

2urvive is a top down shooter combined with a strategic management system of a tower defense.

Players have to face dangerous infected waves, but not only...

They have to be strategic and manage their equipment between two assaults.

Whether turrets, mines, weapons and even lives,
every expenses must be reflected
 to survive next waves.
All mistakes can be fatal.

The game is composed of a story mode and an mission mode.

In the story mode you will follow two brothers, Alan and John.

With their survivor group they're trying to runaway from the epidemic virus.

Through 11 narrative episodes, fight hordes of infected
in different situations
 more dangerous than each other.

The mission mode is inspired by the classic zombie waves games.

Face hordes of infected on 8 different locations in 5 different mission types.

Each killed infected brings you experience points
which allow you to unlock
the 20 weapons of the game.

In 2urvive, the whole game is playable in local Co-Op.

Whether in the history or the mission mode, you can play with your friends...

Killing zombies it's funny but together it's funnier !

The artwork of 2urvive is characterized by the pixel art style.

We love this art and it's allow us to create a unique atmosphere
 by classic zombie movies of the 80's and the 90's.

Pixel art is not a technical limitation but an artistic choice.

The narrative experience is truly inspired by old school video games.

We wanted to create a coherent univers by drawing every graphics ourselves.

2BAD GAMES is a french micro indie game studio.
At first, create video game was a hobby.

This passion decided us to make it our profession.

Now, we want to experience the full adventure and develop video games on game console.

Our philosophy is to create fun and dynamic video games, easy to play from the first grip.

Demo IndieDB: DOWNLOAD - WINDOWS V1.7 - Exe - 34Mo

- 11 Narrative Episodes ( with different objectives and situations )
- 5 Mission types (Protection, in the dark, economic, infection and survive)
- 20 Weapons ( Assault, shotgun, sniper, fire launcher, rocket launcher, etc... )
- 3 Grenade types ( Frags, mines & Gas )
- Local Co-Op in the full game (Story and mission mode)
- 10 Enemy types (Walker, Runner, Coloss, Dogs, Zero, etc... )
- Full Gamepad support
- Pixel art graphic style