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2016-12-05: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Epitaph'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-03-16: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Epitaph is a tactical fighting game that combines the thoughtful strategy of games like Fire Emblem with the speed and excitement of games like Street Fighter. Each player commands a team of three Reapers, the many faces of death, to steal souls away from your enemies and conquer the afterlife. A unique real-time, cooldown-based combat system challenges players to form combos between their combatants, setting up brutal moves and countering the plans of their opponent. But be careful - every time a Reaper dies, they come back stronger, so moving closer to victory will also make your opposition even more formidable.

  • Tactical Fighting Game
    Epitaph's combat system is real-time, cooldown-based combat fought on a linear board. This creates a constant, measured pace for the action that keeps things active while still giving players enough time to make strategic decisions. Positioning, timing, and area control are all essential parts of landing devastating attacks and avoiding damage from your opponents.

  • Battle Among Deaths
    Epitaph takes place in the afterlife, where the many faces of Death are facing off against one another in a battle for souls. There are thirteen different Reapers in epitaph's current roster, ranging from Hassarin, the Necromancer, who controls opponents and saps away their lives, to Ezzim the Executioner, who cleaves the souls from his victims with his mighty ax. Stylish abstract character designs and a unique trip-hop soundtrack add to Epitaph's ambiance and make it look and feel like to no other esport.

  • Death is a Strategy
    When a Reaper dies in Epitaph, that isn't the end - they'll come back even stronger, with added power. You'll need to kill your opponent's characters six times to win, but doing so makes their team more powerful with each death. Winning at Epitaph is also about knowing when to die, and how to gain the most advantage from your losses.​

  1. Draft a Team of Three Reapers
    Control a team of three Reapers, the many faces of death. Each Reaper has a unique set of abilities to deceive and destroy the opposition.

  2. Position and Timing-Based Combat
    Epitaph’s combat makes you think about the positioning and timing of your attacks. You give your commands in real-time, and they resolve in a first-in, first-out queue. It’s a hectic mix of fighting game pacing with tactical strategy.

  3. Combine Unique Abilities
    Your Reapers are powerful on their own, but deadly when used together. Combo together abilities to unleash devastating damage and foil your opponent’s plans.

  4. Fight to the Death… And Beyond
    You’ll win the game by killing your opponent’s Reapers six times, but be careful: every time a Reaper dies, it comes back from the dead as a more powerful version of itself. As you get closer to winning the round, you’re also letting your opponents becomes stronger.

At launch, Epitaph will have the following:
  • 13 Unique Reapers
    Characters embodying a number of fighting styles, from the crushing melee combat of Unch, the Reaper of Ingestion, to the evasive and supportive Ziyan, the Reaper of Mercy.

  • Draft and Quickplay Combat
    Take the time to carefully select the perfect combatants for your team, or just grab three random Reapers and get to fighting.

  • Online and Local Multiplayer
    Capture the souls of your friends or strangers from across the internet.

  • Puzzle Mode
    Or, if you’re looking for a more individual challenge, try and solve devious puzzles in a single set of moves. We’ll have many puzzles at launch, ranging from introductory and informative to devilishly hard.

  • Wyatt Yeong
    Wyatt is an independent game designer and programmer based in New York City. A former technology consultant, he started making digital and tabletop games in 2014.

  • Kailin Zhu
    Kailin is a game, visual designer based in New York City. Her previous works were exhibited at Aniwow!2012 in China; Dare Proto Play in Scotland, Critical Hits in Montreal; Indiecade2015, Boston FIG in USA.

  • Jon Moormann
    Jon is a game designer and writer based in Los Angeles. Outside of game design, he has worked as a writer, a data analyst, and a political consultant. He designs both tabletop and digital games, specializing in Narrative Design, Systems Design, and World Building. His games have been displayed at Boston FIG, IndieCade, and the Babycastles Art Gallery.