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Constellation Distantia

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2016-11-17: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Constellation Distantia'
2016-11-23: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-01-11: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Unleash planet destroying force
Constellation Distantia is fusing together a broad storyline, hundreds of planets and moons to explore and an uniquely entertaining gameplay with fast paced free flying and planet scale explosions.

Two vessels in your command: a massive nuclear mining ship capable of star travel, and a smaller exploration vessel ready for service. Mine planetoids and asteroids for resources with precision, or choose total annihilation by nuking them to Kingdom Come. Upgrade and defend your ships, complete different types of missions, and figure out the haunting truth about Constellation Distantia.

Professionally written story
200+ pages of professional grade storyline with thrilling twists and events. Constellation Distantia presents a complete lore to build on in the future as well.

Varying missions
Around 50 handcrafted missions with more than hundred illustrated cutscenes keeping the gameplay interesting for hours to come. New types of missions are revealed often to keep the player on the edge of the seat until the very end.

Unique star systems
Around 40 full scale star systems presenting celestial objects of all sorts from rocky asteroids and volcanic moons to life containing rock planets and gas giants.

Interesting events
There are a lot of people in Distantia, and not all of them friendly. Mining vessels, modified fighters, transporters, dome habitats on deserted rocks all the way to mega-cities. You gotta be on guard.

Sometimes it's hard to find a peaceful solution and a combat situation becomes inevitable. There are several types of action: Mission related combat, karma related combat, hostile lunarians, plain robbery and ill will, AI vs AI combat and bossfights.

Polished core mechanics
Trading, easy to grasp crafting with leveling, blueprint studying and spacecraft upgrading. Super smooth free flying, karma and resource management and an oasis-like starports with comprehensive statistics. Several different types of mining from fast paced asteroid splitting to planet scale thermonuclear detonations which literally vaporize a complete planetary crust into oblivion, for your convenience. Everything wrapped inside clear and modern game visualization and focused usability.

For PC and VR
While the game is fully designed for traditional PC playing in mind, the design decisions have been made VR in mind from the start. And it is looking great. Lightning fast free glide right next to a massive planet in VR feels absolutely amazing!

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