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2016-11-21: title added to greenlight with the title of 'BugBits'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
"It’s a fun action strategy game that you won’t regret playing." - Gamezebo 4/5
"You'll find you get sucked into the game at the start of every single level, always wondering what awaits you on that gorgeous world map!" - Jay Is Games 4.7/5.0

Immerse yourself into the wonderful microcosm of vivid meadows, barren deserts and mysterious forests! Send your ants and bees out and gather food! Protect your hive against intruders with your army of various beetles! But who are these intruders? Who is your enemy? What is this battle for? Find out that mystery and help your creatures to win their epic battle for freedom and peace through 39 missions!

BugBits is an Action/Strategy game with unique gameplay which is continuously changing and improving as new kind of bugs are getting unlocked. The simpleness of the first levels later turns into a complex tactical warfare with unlimited possibilities. Each of the 20 playable bugs have different strengths and weaknesses. Combine them together to build effective strike forces!

  • Real-time Battle Arena: Collect resources and send out your squad!
  • 39 hand-crafted levels: Meadows, forests, lakes and deserts.
  • Various missions: Gather food, defend your hive, rescue trapped bugs and destroy your enemies!
  • 20+ kinds of insects: Each with its own tactics and abilities.
  • Survival Mode
  • Local Multiplayer Mode

Steam version is coming with:
  • Steam Cloud
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards