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Evil in Training

Status Updates

2016-12-08: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Evil in Training'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
Sick and tired of the good guys winning all of the time? Ever wished the light wouldn’t shine at the end and that we could just appreciate darkness for a second?

Like, how about if evil won for once?

Evil in Training is all about training your inner... evil. Fro, Master of the Void, commands you to take control of the remnants of his training grounds! Aided by humble servants and with power over the Void Energy, shift the world into reality and make preparations for the upcoming conquest of the Light Realm. Train those halflings into mighty harbingers of doom or into sneaky, yet crippling assassins. With their aid, go forth and scout, pillage and exterminate the regions of Light.

Let evil spread until darkness conquers all!

Energize and Expand
  • Create a training ground for evil by shaping it to your own liking
  • Energize buildings from Iron Gauntlets to Alchemical Laboratories
  • Upgrade the Dark Citadel and enhance your abilities

Improve and Sustain
  • Maintain your base of operation up and running by harnessing Void Energy
  • Craft, Research and Build, all for the Master of the Void
  • Sell souls and gear, even sacrifice your own servants whenever the need for more energy arises

Advance and Conquer
  • Advance your servants from humble slaves into Fighters, Berserkers, Nightmares and many more up until the ultimate battle unit, The Dark Lord
  • Use the power of your servants to break the defenses of The Fire Isles up in the North, all the way south to the Kingdom of Ridellan
  • Scout, Pillage, Sabotage and Exterminate all that dare stand their ground before you

"At the very least, we’ll be offering them death, even at a discount..." - Denoru the Berseker