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Turret Sector

Status Updates

2016-11-10: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Turret Sector'
2017-06-08: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-08-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Turret Sector is an action packed 3D tower defence game and top down shooter; all set within deep canyons on an alien planet where invading droids are trying to infiltrate and destroy your headquarters. It’s your task to prevent them taking over.

• 2 modes of gameplay; Campaign Mode for those who want to play though each level in order, and Endless Mode for continuous play on any chosen level.

• 20 unique levels of sci-fi action, with each level consisting of several random waves.

• 35 Interchangeable music tracks, each composed by Michael La Manna.

• 6 Enemy droids types, each having their own unique characteristics.

• 4 Turret types, each designed with different powers and performance to help weaken and destroy energy droids.

• The player has their own unique firepower of rapid ammunition fire and explosive missiles.

• The game auto-saves the player’s score reached within each level as well as in-game statistics and player’s setting options.

• 3 Graphical quality settings, to allow the game to be played on a variety of different computer specifications.

• An in-game guide provides the player with recommendations for playing the game, as well as descriptions for each droid and turret type.


Footmen have a medium amount of health and inflict a low amount of damage to the player’s headquarters.


Spies have an average amount of health and inflict an average amount of damage to the player’s headquarters. Spies randomly become invisible to all turrets. During their cloaking period, they will not be damaged by turret fire. However, the player is still able to cause them damage.


Weaklings have the lowest health and inflict the least damage to the player’s headquarters.


Trojans have a the most health of all droids, inflict a large amount of damage to the player’s headquarters, and will randomly spawn Weaklings.


Tanks have a large amount of health, and inflict a the most damage to the player’s headquarters.


Medics have an average amount of health, and inflict a very low amount of damage to your headquarters. Medics will repair any damaged droid within its vicinity. Medic droids cannot repair themselves or repair other Medic droids.

Groups of random enemy droids emerge from cavernous entrances that are situated within the perimeter walls of the canyon, each on their mission to infiltrate the player’s headquarters. The player has the option prior to wave commencement, to choose and temporarily seal off a single entrance of their choosing. This will eliminate any droids emerging from that particular entrance during that wave, and instead divert the droids to emerge from an alternative entrance.

Every time a droid is destroyed, resources get awarded to the player. The player may use these collected resources to place a turrets at strategic locations of their choosing. Built turrets will then assist the player in damaging and destroying droids. Further resources obtained may also be used to upgrade an existing turret to a more powerful turret, or to purchase missiles and for repairing any damage to your headquarters following droid infiltration.

Once a wave starts, the standard cursor is replaced with a crosshair. This allows the player to accurately shoot at enemy droids with either an unlimited amount rapid ammunition fire, or with powerful missiles.

The player may chose between two game modes, Campaign Mode or Endless Mode.

In Campaign Mode, the player plays through each wave and level in sequence. Once the level is completed, the next level is unlocked. Each level gets progressively more difficult, with a higher number of enemy droids emerging, stronger droids and more complicated environments.
When the player has completed a level, the player is able to read their statistics. This includes the number and percentage of enemy droids destroyed. An award of Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze is then recorded and awarded to player; depending on the number of enemy droids the player has destroyed.

In Endless Mode, the player is able to choose and play any level they wish.
If the player is defeated, or the player exits the level, the player’s score is recorded. Endless Mode records the highest wave reached on any level, and is displayed in Endless Mode’s menu.