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At 01 AM

Status Updates

2016-11-07: title added to greenlight with the title of 'At 01 AM'
2017-01-10: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Removed'
AT 01 AM is a indie survival horror game developed by Nighthood Games.

Welcome Tyler, she came home to her father. With a lust for revenge.
Home alone you can feel her, scratching the walls. You can hear her footsteps.
Her mask breathing. You need to move.
You have limited visibility. Listen. She's behind you.
The time you have is no longer your own. You need to survive.
Start begging for your life. Can you make it?

Story Description:

You are Tyler Farley working for the investigation team to investigate The Deserted Holm Island where researchers used gas to see if they could cure terminal cancer.
The fourth test subject quickly turned into a non-human entity and slaughtered the whole research.
The other three subjects turned out positive, the fourth subject's body was never found.
It's there...

Gameplay Description:

You enter the manor, scared by strange sounds and stirring shadows. You have a light system across rooms to help see in the dark. The floorboards creak as you walk on them, the silence around you being almost deafening.
You wait patiently for the right time to strike. You need to keep moving and wind a music box to keep her away, shut on and off lights. Use the sound system to confuse her. Close your eyes...

She's here...


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Business Email - [email protected]