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Primal Pursuit

Status Updates

2016-10-28: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Primal Pursuit'
2017-06-07: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-08-08: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'
Straight from the front page of Game Jolt comes the thrilling, boulder-dodging, battle racer that is "Primal Pursuit." After receiving a great reception, we are now confident in bringing our game to Steam Greenlight!

"Choose your clan, mount your tribal war animal and brace yourself to compete in the ancient death races of the giants!"

Try the prototype right now for free at:

That is only the beginning. If we are Greenlit, we will continue to develop the game and take advantage of its huge potential to release it on Steam.

Primal Pursuit's unique battle racing experience throws players into a deadly race track in an ancient competition. Players must harness their mount's powerful abilities to fight to the front of the pack while also avoiding the erratic giant's boulder on its destructive journey of obliteration.

Proudly created by a small, student team at QUT Australia. You can play the result of our year’s efforts on Game Jolt now and see for yourself how committed our team is to providing new and exciting game experiences. You can also check out the many Let’s Plays of us on Youtube, which all show how exciting this game is and how they demand it to be developed further.

Planned Features for Steam:
  • More clans and war beasts: Four playable clans was a great proof of concept during university. Now we’re going to take what we’ve learned from developing them and apply that to create whole new interesting clans, each one with a unique playstyle.

  • Multiple race tracks: Again, creating only a single track allowed us to easily refine the intended gameplay. Now that we’ve gone through this, we will be able to deliver more and varied tracks with limitless possibilities for new mechanics and fun.

  • Better multiplayer support: During university, we found Unity’s standard networking tools to be both limiting and frustrating to use. We plan to move the entire game over to PUN, which will allow smoother gameplay all over the world.

  • Refined gameplay: Following all the feedback and experience we’ve gained. We now have a better understanding of what makes our game fun and what doesn’t. If Greenlit, we promise to continue refining the game to unlock its full potential.

  • Progression system: To keep players coming back to the game, we plan to make these new animals unlockable through gameplay. We hope to balance them so while they may play differently to the default animals, they can proudly stand tall if their playstyle is fully utilised. Cosmetic items will also be featured, such as different war paints/armour for each war beast.