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Airport Master

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2016-10-31: title added to greenlight with the title of 'Airport Master'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-02-17: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Airport Master is a very detailed game about airport management and aviation in general. Play as a newly appointed Airport Manager and bring your Airport to prosperity and growth! Manage all aspects of everyday Regional Airport life, such as airline contracts, aircraft ground services, passenger terminal businesses, flight schedule management and many more. Buy fuel via system of refinery contracts and sell it to aircraft operators via fuel truck loading and centralized pipeline. Hire technicians and cafeteria cooks! Tear you hair apart when weather suddenly interrupts your brilliant flight scheduling ) Upgrade airport facilities, radio-navigational aids, buildings, businesses, vehicles. Win airlines' respect and city mayor's approval! Use money you earn to build even larger better and more technically advanced airport! Enjoy detailed realistic 3D-graphics, real world equipment, aircraft, vehicles, ATC procedures!

  • Realistic aircraft models
  • Realistic flight mechanics
  • Realistic Air Traffic Control
  • Realistic Weather Affecting Flight Schedule Management
  • Interactive aircraft ground service
  • Comprehensive Airport Economy
  • Player-managed Airport based businesses
  • Player-managed passenger terminal based businesses
  • Emergency Crews Drills
  • Helicopter operations
  • Aircraft incidents (excluding accidents)
  • Tons of other great gameplay and eyecandy features!

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