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The Adventures of Fluffy

Status Updates

2016-10-22: title added to greenlight with the title of 'The Adventures of Fluffy'
2016-12-28: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'

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The Adventures of Fluffy

RPG Video is back with another game. This time we are creating a Platformer RPG, there are not many out there and would love to put a twist on the old classics such as the likes of Mario and Sonic.

That said I have created a name for the game called "The Adventures of Fluffy", this is not final yet and would love you guys to comment or suggest a new title for the game maybe?

So what is Fluffy? well he is a little blue Evo creature that lives on an island of Kekusan.
His ancestors had descended on the island many centuries ago, but now the Kekusan empire sees them as pests! and wants to eradicate the whole Evo population.

The game Format
The game will feature 8 themed levels with each level consists of 2 sub levels, with a boss on each level.
You will collect coins along the way, that can be used in shops to buy potions, weapons and well as perks along the way.

Below is a list of games that we have released and have continued full dev support on.

The game will include Steam achievements, Steam trading cards and will be priced at $1.
Created by RPGVideo