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Status Updates

2016-10-30: title added to greenlight with the title of 'WIL'
2017-06-08: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2018-04-03: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

Help Wil rescue his friends! ( Demo available for download )

  • Slings. Use them to jump or gain speed. Intuitive control scheme and gameplay mechanics.
  • Platformer, Action-adventure.
  • 2D graphics, side scrolling, jump and run gameplay type.
  • Fast and challenging gameplay, requiring quick reactions and timing skills.


  • Wil's friends were kidnapped by a mysterious villain and he embarks on an adventure to save them, and uncover who's behind this terrible act.

  • 5 Chapters , over 110 levels, challenges, special levels and more.

Characters :
  • Wil.
  • The Jars with their stories and personalities (some funny, some serious, some brave, some cautious, some bold, some humble, but all true to themselves).
  • Mysterious villain.

Controls and game mechanics:
  • By pressing the left or right arrow key, you can move left or right.
  • By pressing and holding down both the left and right arrow keys at the same time you can activate a sling.
  • To release the tension caused by the stretching of the sling bands, the player should let go of the arrow keys. This will cause a throwing effect in the direction, in which the sling is pointed.
  • The longer Wil stays in the sling, the further it'll throw him.

Goals :
  • Rescue Wil's friends, reach the end of the level to find a Jar and hit him to complete it.
  • Collect water and complete certain Tasks/Challenges to unlock chapters and locked levels.
  • Set new time records in each level.
  • Get all of the game achievements.

In a nutshell :

Side scrolling action-adventure game. Intuitive gameplay controls based on using Slings. Challenging and fast controlls. 5 chapters, 110+ levels , boss fights, special levels, Over 60 characters to rescue, and discover their stories. Locked levels and Challenges. Time records, a three star time-tokens system for each level (gold, silver, bronze). Over 50 game achievements. Replayability options and more...

The long version:

Wil is a platformer, with side scrolling gameplay and 2D graphics.

The gameplay is built around the abbillity of the main character to roll left and right and to use slings.
The flow of the game is fast. Controlling the main character as well as using the slings requires good timing and quick reactions from the player.
It can get tricky trying to coordinate the hight of your jump with avoiding a moving obsticle, achieving the right hight and at the same time missing the deadly object.

The story:

Meet Wil.
He is a ball made of glass .
He has water inside his body. It's what gives him life.
A small ball, containing some water, a fragile little thing. Or so you would think.
But this unremarkably looking fellow is about to embark on a deadly, or should we say- full of possibilities to be broken, adventure.
For, you see, he may be small and fragile but he carries a great and courageous heart in his chest.(wherever his chest in his oval body is).
What happended? Why does he have to risk his glass in some dangerous endeavour?
Prepare yourself to hear a truly dark story. It is a story of a terrible evil. Evil unknown and unheard of, vicious and horrible, gruesome, unstoppable...
But let us start from the beginning, shall we?

It was a summer day on the beach where Wil's friends lived. They were jars, who were made of glass and had water inside them too.

So it was a hot sunny summer day at the seaside. Wil was having his afternoon walk, and jsut as he was about to pick up an amazingly gorgeous seashell, lying half burried in the sand, behind an old treetrunk, all of a sudden he heard an unpleasant buzzing.
He looked up and saw the strangest thing- a flying machine, black, with sharp edges and spikes. There were many of them, and they were flying towards his friends. Without delay, the dark Helicopters started picking up the jars by catching them with shiny hooks, or tying them up with steel ropes. No one had the chance to escape. The attackers were so quick and precise in their actions, that every single Jar was kidnapped in a blink of an eye.

Everyone but Wil, who was now hiding and trembling so hard that his water looked like it was boiling. Boiling with fear, one might say. It was a shock for him, that's true.
Who would do such a horrifying thing?
Some time after the black machines had flown away with the jars, he slowly began to calm down, and with it he began to think. Whatever these things were, they have surely been sent by someone else, someone that needed the Jars for some evil purpose.
One thing was certain however. Wil couldn't let this happen. He had to rescue his friends, he had to find them and help them escape. But how?
Then he remembered- the birds! He'd ask the birds for help, they could follow the black machines in the air, which however scary and equipped with some deadly devices, weren't very fast.
So he went and talked with them.

The birds had flown far and wide looking for the black helicopters and they've finally found them. Apparently every single one of the jars had been brought to a different location, in which they were being held as prisoners.
These places were especially designed to keep the Jars inside and prevent anyone from getting anywhere near them, not to mention trying to rescue them.
These prisons were full of all kinds of deadly traps, cutting, sharp blades, dangerous contraptions and obstacles.
Hearing this made Wil feel a cold shiver go down the back side of his glass body. But this wasn't about to stop him from helping his friends.
He has already made up his mind, and some stupid blunt spikes and blades couldn't scare him, right?
Oh, he was scared. Quite a bit actually, but If he knew one thing about friendship, it was that you can't leave your friends in such a terrible situation. Not if you're a true friend.
So no matter how scared or how dire the situation, he had to help them.
See? I told you he had a heart that will not tremble before any danger, didn't I?
So ... a plan was made.

Wil would go to each one of the prisons, and rescue his friends one by one, trying not to attract the attention of the person behind this evil deed. He couldn't let himself get caught too.
But how would he do it? How would he be able to get trough all the traps and deadly mechanisms?
Well, I'll let you in on a secret. Wil has been working on a special device lately, a device that would help him reach higher places and move faster

It is a... sling. Yes that's right, a sling. Oh, don't be fooled by the simplicity of this device. The things that have the simplest design are ofthen the most usefull ones.
And he made lots of them too. He wanted to place them all over the seashore, but now he would have to test them for real, in a situation where failiure would mean him ending up in pieces. Literally.
With the help of the birds he made drafts of all the prisons. Then carefully examining them he made plans and calculations. It was decided:

The birds would fly over the so called prisons, and drop down the slings at precisely determined positions, so that Wil could use them to move past the contraptions, blades and other sharp things.

And so an adventure begins. An adventure full of fearsome dangers and unspeakable risks, but also of great courage, the meaning of true friendship, some truly funny, and some very serious characters ... and a mystery.