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The God Paradox

Status Updates

2016-09-14: title added to greenlight with the title of 'The God Paradox'
2016-10-04: status changed from 'Waiting' to 'Greenlit'
2017-09-07: status changed from 'Greenlit' to 'Released'

The God Paradox is a rhythm-action-puzzle-platformer in which all of the obstacles are synced with the beat of the music. Each level follows a repeated pattern that can be exploited to reach the goal.


- Challenging platforming gameplay – you will die. A lot.

- A peculiar story about facing the realities of life, featuring Tristan Begin as "The Developer".

- Everything is synced with the music – this combined with repeated patterns will allow you to predict when turrets will fire and platforms will move in each level. Deciphering this pattern is key to completing each level.

- An extraordinary original soundtrack by Caleb Klomparens.

- Free Play Mode - Once you complete each chapter in the story, you can play it again in Free Play Mode with story elements turned off. In this mode you can attempt to complete a chapter within a certain time limit or with a small number of deaths in order to gain achievements.

- Dynamic Colors - The color of the stage will change with each beat, based on what part of the music track is playing. For example, during a quieter section of the track, the colors will lean towards being more blueish and less saturated, while more intense parts will produce warmer and more vibrant colors.


The God Paradox is being developed by Tristan Begin, with Caleb Klomparens contributing music and sound effects. We are both attending the Digipen Institute of Technology, a college focused on offering game-related degrees.

The game is nearly complete, however we would choose to release in January (2017) to avoid being overshadowed by the mass of AAA titles releasing in November and December. We have not officially decided on a price point, though we can say for certain that it will be less than $5 USD.


Website: GodParadoxGame.com
Press Kit: GodParadoxGame.com/press
Facebook and Twitter: @GodParadoxGame

Want to try the game for yourself? Shoot us an email and we'll send you a demo of 30 levels free of charge! All we ask is that you post your gameplay on YouTube or Twitch.
Email: [email protected]